His First Church AGM

Here is an attempt by a minister anticipating his first church AGM and desperately trying to come up with a way of thanking his congregation and God for all that has happened in the church in the last year, having spent far too long that day staring at a computer screen.

The AGM Thank Yous…
To stamp collectors and cleaners,
We now give our thanks,
And to those who take minutes,
Deal with IT or banks;

To the Sunday club leaders,
And those on AV
To those running the website
And publicity.

For gift aid and licences
For the many cake bakers,
For the organists and Cantorion
And all music-makers.

For the secretary and treasurer,
Kids’ club and Fair Trade
For help with Communion,
Bread bought, table made.

For youth group and readers,
For welcomes and smiles,
For the offering and admin
For keeping tight files,

Junior church and youth club,
Not forgetting ladies guild,
For the pulpit supply man,
For the gaps that get filled!

For flowers and fabric,
At Church House and here,
For those who take bookings,
Always in good cheer.

For the Christmas decorator,
For our BBC fame,
For forgiving my poor Welsh
Again and again.

For display board helpers,
Those at coffee bar,
For the teacher with the new job,*
(I predict she’ll go far!).

For our worship and witness,
Both here and at home,
For the grace that’s encountered,
And compassion that’s shown.

For the making of cards,
For the sharing of love,
For the gifts that we’re blessed with
That come from above.

For all that we have been
For where we’re at now,
For all that we might be,
Someday, somehow.

For each in this family,
For the great and the odd;
For all of our blessings,
We thank you, O God.

Phil Wall


I couldn’t have said it better myself ~smiles~

With many peaceful blessings



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