UK Government Cuts ‘against Jesus Teachings!’

A Christian campaign group has accused the UK Government of pushing an austerity agenda which is “not compatible with Jesus’ example of siding with the poor”.

Christians for Economic Justice (previously Christianity Uncut) claims Tory policies go against the teachings of Christ and is urging church leaders to support those who protest or strike against things they deem are unjust.

The call comes just days after tens of thousands gathered in London to demonstrate with the People’s Assembly against the way the government plans to cut the deficit.

Chris Wood, a spokesperson for Christians for Economic Justice, said: “Economic justice is at the centre of the biblical narrative. The prophets and Jesus spoke of Jubilee – the cancellation of debts – and the need to oppose usury.

“These values are incompatible with a capitalist economy in which wealth is hoarded by global elites. Austerity policies, wherever they appear around the world, serve to make things even worse by transferring more wealth from the poor to the rich.

“This is not about being party-political, or pretending that we have all the answers. It’s about seeking to follow Jesus’ example of resisting injustice. As we do this we participate in the Kingdom of God, where all are treasured for their inherent human worth, loved by God, rather than for the fleeting value of money and possessions.”

Christians for Economic was originally formed in 2011. It says its supporters come from a broad range of Christian backgrounds. They include clergy from several denominations.

The Department for Work and Pensions declined to comment.

Marcus Jones


With many peaceful blessings



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