Ever Had A Problem With Prioritising?

Ever had a problem with prioritising?

Life can become so hectic that even knowing where to begin can require some thought. Before I chose to concentrate on writing and supporting people in growing in their faith and mission formation, my own life was often absurdly crazy.

Now, the most frequent question I have posed to me is, ‘When can I possibly find time for God?’

Many approach me for a simple ‘spiritual snack’ they can catch on the run between endless appointments. But while a snack meets an immediate need, it is not a meal and provides no time to pause, eat well and take an interest in other people through creative conversation.

Am I a dinosaur fruitlessly trying to turn the clock back? Or am I wisely calling us to review how we prevent burnout while deepening our walk with God? There is much ‘talk’ today, yet is there much of a ‘walk’ to support the fine words?

I experienced a clear conversion aged 19. Soon after I fell in love with the work of God as an evangelist with Youth for Christ. I then made the classic mistake of stopping my disciplined prayer life, by convincing myself that the work of God was itself really prayer. The end result was six months off work with physical and emotional exhaustion.

When we fail to pause, or to ‘Be still, and know’, as the psalmist says (Psalm 46:10), we stop nourishing our spiritual nature within. It’s like refusing to eat food in order to save time, failing to acknowledge that physical strength will fail as a result. Snacking is not a healthy life choice.

(Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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