There Is No Greater Truth Than Love

When I was young, clear eyed and sure of mind,
I saw the world a playground for my pleasure,
Where I was certain I would always find
Love, fun and endless treasure.

I saw no people’s pain or sorrow,
Counted not the rainy days,
Cared not for warnings of tomorrow,
But lived the moment’s selfish haze.

But time that whisks away our dreams,
Strips the world to naked sight,
Nothing now is what it seems,
The brightest day is darkest night.

I now look back with wiser eyes,
Hoping I have learned at last
To see the truth and not the lies
That rule the universe so vast.

Yet within the darkness one thing’s true
As true as the shining sun above,
In all the cosmos – old or new,
There is no greater truth than love.

Simon Barnes Written May 6th, 2006.


Have a wonder-full day, in every way

With many joy-filled blessings



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