God’s Faithfulness

From Dr Micha Jazz:-

A couple of years ago I was driving along a city street, cars parked either side of the road, enjoying the first really warm sunshine of the year. Slowing for a crossroads, the car in front of me appeared to pull out and so I merrily drove forward to take my turn, when ‘crunch’! I experienced that stomach-churning moment when you realise you have hit something solid and damaging. Nothing but my pride, car bumper and no claims bonus was injured as I admitted liability.

This is so like the Christian walk. All appears well and we are relaxing in the blessing that is God’s grace when suddenly, wham! – our life accelerates into a brick wall. The biggest challenge is how well we are able to accept this new, unwelcome reality. We can grow resentful, having been faithfully walking with God and now unwelcome news disturbs our comfortable world.

Faithfulness has at its heart three critical requirements. The first of these is acceptance. Am I willing to accept God’s will into my life? I remember great anger towards God when Katey and I discovered that we had fertility issues. We both wanted children and felt it most unfair that we had difficulties in conceiving. Disappointment in God led to criticism of other parents as we observed their parenting styles, believing we would have parented so much better.

The challenge each one of us faces in following God is adjusting to the path that the spirit directs our steps along. It is of no value comparing ourselves with anyone else’s experiences. God has selected a journey for us and we are to walk it in faith, knowing that it is one part of God’s purpose for enabling each of us to grow into the person God is inviting us to become.


With many peaceful blessings



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