God Has Many Messengers

The unexpected kindness,
From an unexpected place.
A hand outstretched in friendship,
A smile on someone’s face.

A word of understanding,
Spoken in an hour of trial.
Are unexpected miracles,
That make life more worthwhile.

We don’t know how it happened,
That in an hour of need;
Somebody out of nowhere,
Proved to be a friend indeed.

For God has many messengers,
We fail to recognize.
But He sends them when we need them,
For His ways are wondrous and wise.

So keep looking for an angel.
And keep listening to hear,
For on life’s busy crowded streets
You will find God’s presence near.

With many peaceful blessings



2 thoughts on “God Has Many Messengers

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is amazing how God, by divine appointment, places the right people in our path just when we need them. Sometimes I believe these people truly are his angles in disguise, but more often they’re just ordinary people, inclined to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Each and every one of us can be his messenger in a dark and broken world if we’ll just obey that still small voice when it calls us to be his hands and feet to bless someone in need. God bless you. Thanks again for sharing. Audrey

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