Worshipping our Father God!

Worship is the place at which we start and end our encounter with God. For within the heart of worship, declaring the reality of God’s truth and presence, we choose to acknowledge God’s authority and yield to God’s will. It is only in a spirit of worship that any one of us is enabled to walk God’s way of faith. Faith itself is nourished through our worship and constant return to the fount of life, God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Although we know differently, it appears each of us assumes that walking in God’s ways somehow will make us immune to the darker side of life. Yet, tragedy strikes out randomly and not one of us is immune from its attention. When we respond from a place of worship, we are reminded of the attributes that are unequivocally and forever God’s. Yet, I am tempted under pressure to relinquish my hold on the hand of God, often for very unworthy reasons. I am resentful, I feel cheated and I want to take it out on God, who I think should treat me better than circumstances suggest.

Recently I marked the anniversary of Katey’s death. It was a difficult if glorious day as after 18 years of struggle with MS she stepped into the arms of the rising sun, her saviour and Lord. On reflection I recalled all the struggles, the moments of abject despair, disappointment and anger. Yet, I also was reminded of the sweet way God heard our prayers and those of others who prayed with us, and just how both Katey and I were able to worship in the heart of our hurricane and also to hear God’s voice and grow in our faith and understanding of God and his purpose.

Everything is about God expressing the nature and character of his kingdom in the earth; we were fortunate to have a role to play, and like all actors, we were not in charge of the casting!

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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