God’s Truth

When sensing abandonment, life can seem overwhelming, and finding resilience to continue is tough. I was recently woken with a text message from my daughter, who had just arrived in America. It carried her sorry tale that the airline had lost her baggage, which carried her costume for a performance she was to do. Frustrated that she seemed unable to convince anyone to take her seriously, jet-lagged and alone in a new city, she turned to a somewhat distant and therefore impotent source of help: myself!

As a parent, no matter how independent your child, those emotional links that stretch the stomach taut never seem to leave. So, bleary-eyed and 5,000 miles away, I engaged in a text conversation with my daughter that in reality wasn’t going to change anything.

However, what it did do was to give her sufficient energy to make it to her hotel, buy a brand-new costume, perform when exhausted, and endure four days of travelling backwards and forwards to an airport before eventually retrieving her bag.

In the words of the psalmist, her heart did not turn back, nor did her steps depart from the way. This is the challenge at the heart of the Christian life; standing firm when the tide is flowing against you, your eyes cannot see clearly what lies ahead, and you lack the resources you assume you need to get by.

Following Jesus is about consistency. God’s truth, and so our true reality, is the fact that within the swirling tide of events, we keep our heart focused upon Jesus and keep standing firm in who we know God to be. It takes resilience, and often makes little sense to those around about us. We may look bewildered and bedraggled, and perhaps we are. Bowed down yet not broken, we step onto the waters of a raging sea with eyes on Jesus who alone can sustain our life, whatever our circumstances.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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