Still In The Land Of The Living!

Just a line to say I’m living, that I’m not among the dead,
Though I’m getting more forgetful and mixed up in my poor head.
I’ve got used to my arthritis, to my dentures I’m resigned.
I can cope with my bifocals, but… ye gods… I miss my mind

Sometimes I can’t remember when I’m standing by the stair,
If I should be going up for something or have just come down from there.
And before the fridge so often, my mind is full of doubt,
Did I put some dried up food away or come to take some out?

So, remember I do love you and wish that you lived near,
And now it’s time to send this note, a second time my dear.
For when I stood beside the box, my mind must have been dead,
For instead of posting to you, I took it home instead!


With many peaceful blessings



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