If Only

If only someone told me many years ago,
That what I want to reap in life, is the one thing I must sow.
If only folk had told me, don’t hurt or lie or blame,
Do not make others suffer or you will reap the same.

If only they had told me, how hurtful words can be,
How the cruelty of the human tongue would soon return to me.
If only someone warned me to love and not to hate,
I wouldn’t now be hurting but the warning came too late.

I hurt so many people in my younger naive years,
And now I feel the pain they felt and my eyes run down with tears.
Oh how I hurt those people and laughed and mocked with glee
Now all the pain I caused them, comes back to trouble me.

Such nasty things I said to them, I really didn’t know,
Was, deep beneath my troubled mind, I really loved them so.
I didn’t mean to hurt them, I really didn’t know,
That what I want to reap in life is what I have to sow.

Why couldn’t someone tell me the debt I must repay,
I might have listened to them and what they had to say.
I might have heard their warnings and tried to change my ways
I’m older and much wiser now in very many ways.

I share with you this story, of pain I’ve had all year,
And now I warn you good friends and pray that you will hear.
I had no-one to tell me, but now through tears I weep:
Be careful what you sow today, for tomorrow you must reap.


With many peaceful blessings



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