The Ageing Process

I have come to realise that one aspect of the ageing process is an ever-deepening rose tint upon the spectacles employed to view the past. My mum will forever reflect how things were so much better when she was a girl; the world of her grandchildren makes increasingly less sense to her. The stability that gave her a sense of security has all but disappeared, leaving her feeling less safe in the present.

The Israelites were no more than three days into the wilderness and the miracle of crossing the Red Sea, than they began to complain to Moses, their leader. These complaints continued as they lacked food and water, resources that had no doubt been somewhat restricted in their former slavery. Yet, free though they might be, they longed for the stability and apparent security of slavery. Their rescuer, Moses, became the target for their moans and groans as they battled to come to terms with a new reality.

This new reality in part was to call them back to their original destiny as a people who lived according to the faithful provision of their God. They were in agreement with God to worship him and discover his forever love and care for them. But faced with the responsibilities of faithfulness, they wilted under the pressure. As such they proved little different to you and me.

There can be no Promised Land until and unless we learn wilderness lessons and wean ourselves away from dependency upon human agency alone in favour of God’s provision. It is in the wilderness you learn God-dependency while developing the spiritual muscles required to resist becoming conformed to this present age. Your wilderness is the foundation for your transformation through the renewal of your mind.

Learning wilderness lessons is a cyclical process, yet one that moves me closer to God with each revolution. I choose to battle for my heart and acknowledge my head may deceive me as to where I really am.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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