You’ll Never Walk Alone

One day my child you will walk alone,
And face this world on your own,
Armed with wisdom, shielded with pride,
To take each challenge in your stride,
Never sit in judgement,
Neither be a fool.

Give your love to others, never be cruel.
The hand of friendship to those who need,
Never give in to power or greed,
Nor blame another when things go wrong,
For from misfortune you will grow strong.

And when you falter don’t lose face.
Rise up again but only with grace.
Enjoy your achievements, don’t mix them with sin:
Always listen to your voice within.

For one day my child, when the day is through,
There will be one lesson especially for you,
Of all the other trials before,
This is the one you must never ignore.

But with deepened wisdom, guarded with faith,
Used together will keep you safe.
My promise to you, it is carved in stone,
My child, you will never walk alone.

by Ann Moulds


With many peaceful blessings



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