You’ll Never Walk Alone

One day my child you will walk alone,
And face this world on your own,
Armed with wisdom, shielded with pride,
To take each challenge in your stride,
Never sit in judgement,
Neither be a fool.

Give your love to others, never be cruel.
The hand of friendship to those who need,
Never give in to power or greed,
Nor blame another when things go wrong,
For from misfortune you will grow strong.

And when you falter don’t lose face.
Rise up again but only with grace.
Enjoy your achievements, don’t mix them with sin:
Always listen to your voice within.

For one day my child, when the day is through,
There will be one lesson especially for you,
Of all the other trials before,
This is the one you must never ignore.

But with deepened wisdom, guarded with faith,
Used together will keep you safe.
My promise to you, it is carved in stone,
My child, you will never walk alone.

by Ann Moulds


With many peaceful blessings



The Ageing Process

I have come to realise that one aspect of the ageing process is an ever-deepening rose tint upon the spectacles employed to view the past. My mum will forever reflect how things were so much better when she was a girl; the world of her grandchildren makes increasingly less sense to her. The stability that gave her a sense of security has all but disappeared, leaving her feeling less safe in the present.

The Israelites were no more than three days into the wilderness and the miracle of crossing the Red Sea, than they began to complain to Moses, their leader. These complaints continued as they lacked food and water, resources that had no doubt been somewhat restricted in their former slavery. Yet, free though they might be, they longed for the stability and apparent security of slavery. Their rescuer, Moses, became the target for their moans and groans as they battled to come to terms with a new reality.

This new reality in part was to call them back to their original destiny as a people who lived according to the faithful provision of their God. They were in agreement with God to worship him and discover his forever love and care for them. But faced with the responsibilities of faithfulness, they wilted under the pressure. As such they proved little different to you and me.

There can be no Promised Land until and unless we learn wilderness lessons and wean ourselves away from dependency upon human agency alone in favour of God’s provision. It is in the wilderness you learn God-dependency while developing the spiritual muscles required to resist becoming conformed to this present age. Your wilderness is the foundation for your transformation through the renewal of your mind.

Learning wilderness lessons is a cyclical process, yet one that moves me closer to God with each revolution. I choose to battle for my heart and acknowledge my head may deceive me as to where I really am.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings


New Biblical Word Search – the Passover

Today’s word search to challenge your Biblical mind is based on the Passover – Luke 22: 1-39.

It is has been lovingly created by my wife, Marlene.

To freely download this new word search please go to:-

Happy Word Searching!

With many peaceful blessings


If Only

If only someone told me many years ago,
That what I want to reap in life, is the one thing I must sow.
If only folk had told me, don’t hurt or lie or blame,
Do not make others suffer or you will reap the same.

If only they had told me, how hurtful words can be,
How the cruelty of the human tongue would soon return to me.
If only someone warned me to love and not to hate,
I wouldn’t now be hurting but the warning came too late.

I hurt so many people in my younger naive years,
And now I feel the pain they felt and my eyes run down with tears.
Oh how I hurt those people and laughed and mocked with glee
Now all the pain I caused them, comes back to trouble me.

Such nasty things I said to them, I really didn’t know,
Was, deep beneath my troubled mind, I really loved them so.
I didn’t mean to hurt them, I really didn’t know,
That what I want to reap in life is what I have to sow.

Why couldn’t someone tell me the debt I must repay,
I might have listened to them and what they had to say.
I might have heard their warnings and tried to change my ways
I’m older and much wiser now in very many ways.

I share with you this story, of pain I’ve had all year,
And now I warn you good friends and pray that you will hear.
I had no-one to tell me, but now through tears I weep:
Be careful what you sow today, for tomorrow you must reap.


With many peaceful blessings


Still In The Land Of The Living!

Just a line to say I’m living, that I’m not among the dead,
Though I’m getting more forgetful and mixed up in my poor head.
I’ve got used to my arthritis, to my dentures I’m resigned.
I can cope with my bifocals, but… ye gods… I miss my mind

Sometimes I can’t remember when I’m standing by the stair,
If I should be going up for something or have just come down from there.
And before the fridge so often, my mind is full of doubt,
Did I put some dried up food away or come to take some out?

So, remember I do love you and wish that you lived near,
And now it’s time to send this note, a second time my dear.
For when I stood beside the box, my mind must have been dead,
For instead of posting to you, I took it home instead!


With many peaceful blessings


Two Angels

Two Angels, one was young, the second was ancient, stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family. They were put down in the basement and asked to pay top rate.

While they got ready for bed, the older angel repaired a hole in the wall, looked at the young angel and remarked: “things are not always what they seem.”

The next night the two angels stopped at the home of the poorest family the young angel had ever seen but the elderly couple gave them their own bed and looked after them as if they were royalty: they also charged very little for what they gave.

In the morning the angels found the old lady crying, the cow had died during the night. The young angel immediately blamed the older angel for having let such a thing happen after all the hospitality they had received.

The older angel looked at him and said again: “things are not always what they seem: in the mansion I saw gold stored in that hole in the wall, so I hid it. Greed and gold are bad bed- fellows.

Last night the angel of death came for the old man’s wife. I made the best deal I could: I let him have the cow instead. Things are not always what they seem. We have enough gold between us to buy them another cow.”


With many peaceful blessings


The Need To Pray

There is a consistent thread running throughout Christian history of the need to pray. Calling upon God’s name for God’s intervention, making confession and thanksgiving, those elements are not only running throughout scripture but are also a part of the Christian Church’s landscape we recognise and respect. There is no active Christian who would declare that prayer was inessential to a vibrant Christian life and no church believes that prayer is not a significant channel along which God’s grace flows into this world.

Yet, if we take a moment of sober and honest reflection, we might be challenged by our own lack of investment in prayer, us regular Joes who are instructed to pray regularly. Jesus set the pattern throughout his ministry on earth, withdrawing regularly to spend time in prayer.

Indeed, I’ve spoken to many people who associate prayer with quietness and silence. I remember when I had a toddler wandering around, I was always up early in the morning, my favourite time to spend some time in prayer and read some scripture. Well, she decided that she wanted to be with me, and I discovered the skill of praying while being crawled over.

And that truly is a picture of prayer. Even when we cannot understand the whys and the wherefore of the life that surrounds us, we can continue to call out to God. One question this presents to each one of us is the value we place in the activity of prayer. It is a Christian distinctive to recognise that God hears and heeds the prayers of the Church, of you and me.

Therefore there can be no greater service to God than to pray for a struggling world, while also to call upon God’s name when life is bleak for us. Prayer changes the external world around me, as well as changing me directly; I see differently, think differently and begin to live differently.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings