Maria’s Three Things To Remember

Sister Hayat was forced to flee her monastery near Mosul to escape the self-proclaimed Islamic State last year. Once she and the other nuns were safe, their abbess Sister Maria called them together for a meeting, and gave them three things to keep in mind during the crisis:

  • Don’t look back on what has happened.
  • Ask yourself what God is telling you today.
  • Go out into the world and work with people.

This had a real impact on Hayat’s life, and she asked God for guidance. “As clear as a bell, He spoke to me,” she recalls. “He was calling me to work with children and youth.”

Thanks to your support, Hayat is running programmes for the youth and caring for the sick, as well as leading a powerful prayer movement among refugees in Erbil. She asks for our continued prayers for Iraq: “We feel the power of your prayers. They are helping a lot. Please keep praying. Your prayers are the daily bread we live on.”


  • For strength and energy for people like Hayat who are working to support refugees
  • For provision for the thousands of families who remain trapped in refugee camps
  • For comfort and peace for refugees who are confused, in shock, and who feel unsafe
  • For wisdom for leaders of Iraq and other nations as they work to the end the crisis

With many prayerful blessings



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