Please Support My Go Fund Me Campaign

I would like to share with you my Go Fund Me campaign which I have just launched.

Recently it has become more and more difficult for me to use my small mobility scooter as apart from my own strength still being very weak my wife has problems with her hands and arms so she has been finding it increasingly difficult to help me lift my scooter out of the boot of my car. And, being only  a small mobility scooter, it has only a very limited range without recharging its battery, and it is positively dangerous on rough, uneven ground!

And when my right foot began hurting me almost unbearably for several weeks during September and I couldn’t put it on the ground I realised that I needed to have an electric wheelchair as soon as possible, which will give me much flexibility in being mobile.  And I would then also need a mobility car to accommodate the electric wheelchair (which, of course, will be much larger than my present small mobility scooter!).

This is an usual situation for me as I am normally the one to raise monies for other people!

But I have to be practical and the only way that I can purchase an electric wheelchair and mobility car is by launching this Go Fund Me campaign.

For further information about my campaign please go to:-

Take care

With many peaceful blessings



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