Going To Church

I go to church on Sundays – well
it’s a chance to wear a hat!
And to catch up with the gossip –
well, we all know that’s a fact!
I’ve been going there for 30 years
– a veteran C of E.
I seldom miss a Sunday – you’ll
find me in row 3.

The sermons are sometimes boring –
but the flowers are always nice!
And Mrs Smith and Mrs Brown
always give such good advice.
We’ve got a new young vicar; he’s
got brawn as well as brain.
But he asks such funny questions
like, “Have we been born again?”

He asked if we were Christians-
well fancy asking me!
‘I’m always here’ I said to him –
you’ll find me in row 3!
“But do you really know Jesus –
as friend and Saviour in your life?”
Well he asked me this only yesterday –
as I was helping his wife!

These youngsters have such big ideas,
saying they know Jesus personally.
I stopped and wondered – is there
something I’ve missed?
Surely this doesn’t apply to me?
No, I’m alright – I don’t tell lies,
or swear or get things wrong.
Well I MUST be a Christian – after
all, I’ve been going to Church so long!

It’s all very well for that new man,
To tell us repentance is our part.
And that if we want Eternal Life,
We must take Jesus into our heart.
I’m too old to change – aren’t I?
I thought I’d got it right.
But I’m not taking any chances,
I’m going to pray about this – tonight!

I’m going to do what the new vicar says,
And start to know Jesus – personally.
I’m not going to rely on the hope,
That in heaven there’s a space in Row 3!

Have a wonderful blessed Sunday

Many beautiful and joy-filled blessings



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