Healing for Banhi’s Heart

“From my childhood, I had worshipped different gods and goddesses,” Banhi shares. When she married, her husband Charan was especially devoted to one god, so she chose to worship this god as well.

“Both of us were determined that we would worship this god and get blessings in our lives.”

But instead of blessings, their days were filled with harassment, sickness and poverty. The couple’s work in construction did little to fulfill their needs.

Counting the Days to Death

Despite their religious devotion, Banhi and Charan’s construction work barely made ends meet.

“My husband and I often quarreled,” Banhi says. “We did hard work and built houses for others, but we had no proper place to stay.”

She questioned the worth of a god who received worship, yet refused to bless her family. Finally too frustrated to continue, Banhi stopped worshiping any god at all. It was not long before she began to wonder if she had made a mistake.

Woman Bedridden after Deserting Gods

“One afternoon, I was working hard in the sun and carrying bricks to the top floor,” Banhi explains. “Suddenly I felt dizzy, and I almost fell down the steps. Somehow, I balanced myself and stood against the wall.”

But a short while later, Banhi lost consciousness. Some co-workers helped Banhi get to a nearby hospital, where they ran tests and diagnosed her with a heart condition.

Banhi had suffered frequent chest pain in the past, but she always dismissed it as too minor for medical attention. Now the doctor gave her a whole list of prescriptions.

“I went home and told everything to my husband,” she says, “but, due to our financial problems, I did not buy any medicine.”

As the days went by, her condition worsened, and soon she couldn’t leave her bed.

Counting the Days to Death

Despite their religious devotion, Banhi and Charan’s construction work barely made ends meet.

Counting the Days to Death

Banhi prayed to her gods for healing from her heart problems but found no relief.

While Charan went to work, Banhi desperately prayed to the gods and goddesses she had abandoned. But they gave nothing but the silence Banhi had heard before.

The doctors suggested a heart operation, but the cost was far beyond the couple’s income.

“Because I would never be able to earn that much in my life,” Banhi shares, “I lost my hope completely and started counting my days on earth.”

Banhi prayed to her gods for healing from her heart problems but found no relief.

Visiting Family Offers Hope

One afternoon, Banhi was resting and praying to her deities when she heard someone knocking at the door. Amazingly, she had the strength to get out of bed and open the door to see Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Sabrang and his family.

When they saw Banhi’s condition, they asked her to lie down again.

“They came inside my home and prayed for me,” Banhi says. “I did not understand why they had come to my home.”

Pastor Sabrang explained that he and his family are servants of God and they just wanted to visit her. As they said goodbye, they promised to continue praying for Banhi.

After the visit, she began to feel better. A week later, Pastor Sabrang and his wife visited again, and this time Banhi could sit up on her bed and talk.

The couple told Banhi that Jesus could heal her heart, and she eagerly joined them in prayer. Then they gave her a New Testament.

“Due to my weak body, I could not read,” Banhi says, “but every evening I asked my husband to read the Bible and I would listen…. I felt as if Jesus were talking to me and He was going to wash away my sins and disease.”

A month later, He did.

Counting the Days to Death

After a pastor prayed with Banhi and gave her a New Testament, she asked Charan to read it to her every night.

The chest pain left, and when the couple realized that Banhi had been completely healed from her heart problems, they embraced the God who answered their prayers.

Healing Changes Many Lives

Now Charan and Banhi’s entire lifestyle has changed. As active members in a church, they are growing in the Lord. When they go to work, they carry Gospel literature and tell others of God’s love and how He helped them overcome their problems.

“He is able to solve your problems too,” they say.

The couple’s testimony has inspired 15 other villagers to embrace Jesus’ love. And as Banhi matures in her faith, she is discipling other women in the local church, praying that they will know Christ as she does.


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