Jasmine, whose name means “heavenly felicity”, grows in many parts of the world.

In China it is the symbol of beauty, while in India it is known as the “moonlight of the grove”. Many Indian brides use it in their wedding bouquet because it symbolises deep affection.

According to one legend, many of the world’s most beautiful flowers died on Good Friday, overwhelmed by the grief of the crucifixion. The jasmine, however, bore its sorrow bravely but it original pink colouring was washed away by its tears. The following day the jasmine’s petals were seen to be very pal and they have remained so ever since.

With many peaceful blessings



2 thoughts on “Jasmine

  1. An interesting legend. Stumbled upon your blog through the “India” tag. White also symbolizes purity (of the bride – in the case of an Indian marriage.)

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