Ask God To Speak

I count myself fortunate in that I’ve always loved mornings. I always wake up early and find it easy to spring from my bed and engage the day. However, now I pause to take a moment to pray very specifically ahead of entering a new day of opportunity. Having prayed for my mind, I move my hands first to my ears and then to my eyes.

I am so often influenced by what I hear. Many times in the past I have drawn assumptions from what I have heard, and acted upon such assumptions. They have frequently proved to be wrong, by which stage it is often too late. My ears also love to twitch at any sound of gossip, and before I know it I am either listening intently to a character assassination or participating in one myself.

Eyes, too, have a habit of wandering. I recently facilitated a breakfast discussion with some older guys in a local coffee house, and it was pointed out to me that these men’s eyes had a tendency to follow the path of every pretty girl who entered. We reflected upon how we waged a constant battle to manage the ‘eye-gate’ as we navigate our way through life.

Ears and eyes, sounds and sights can be incidental, yet once we give them house room they quickly develop and establish a life of their own within our head and heart. Our life can become subject to the control of such sounds and sights once they have dropped roots within us.

Now is the time to acknowledge these and declare that you would be free from their control. Sadly, these things seldom disappear in a moment. They are addressed through a disciplined pattern of fleeing to God the moment they surface within you. Each time pause, place your hands on ears and eyes and ask God to speak and reveal his path of freedom. In time, you will establish a habit of fleeing from such fantasies, and their hold will progressively reduce.

(Dr Michha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessngs



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