I have a great friend who describes himself as a ‘dream weaver’. By this he communicates that his call in life is to steward other people’s dreams, something I can testify to having witnessed in many different contexts. However, talking together recently, I had to confess that I don’t think I have ever carried a dream. When at school I always listened with amazement as others spoke compellingly about all they wanted to do once they grew up. I never felt such stirrings. I enjoyed people and reading, and that was about the size of it.

It was only at university where I encountered Jesus for the first time that I knew that I had a clear call to serve God, whatever that might entail. After exploring teaching and the law, I was asked to join a team on the road with Youth for Christ, and discovered the joy of sharing in the lives of everyday people, often in crisis, and all looking for God, whether they knew it or not.

When Jesus commanded his disciples to ‘Go into all the world’ there was no great clarification. I hadn’t a dream since God intended me to love my life going where he required me and putting my hands to whatever tasks were appropriate in that space. I have entered many diverse spaces and found myself engaged in a myriad different activities. I have no one speciality, yet have learned to be a friend and servant of all in glad service of my God.

My final prayer each morning before I slide out of bed is to offer my hands and feet to Jesus and to allow God though his spirit to take me wherever it is I need to go.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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