Love Is…

Love is a powerful emotion. For love of an idea, people kill; for love of another, people commit adultery; for love of humanity, people sacrifice comfort and security to serve. Love is appreciated by everyone, yet love can prove as devastating as a forest fire if left to follow its own course.

So Jesus places love within certain boundaries. He did nothing that the Father did not command, out of love for his Father. We are invited to do nothing beyond Christ’s command, as a consequence of loving him. And here is the challenge. For obeying Jesus invites us to set our own desires to one side and then adopt the radical requests God makes of us.

As I watched Katey slowly deteriorate with MS, my love for her made me angry with everyone and everything. I was also angry with God and I was angry with myself. With God because I wanted him to supernaturally reverse the disease; with myself because I had no control over events and was unable to rescue my wife.

The weight of my powerlessness was overwhelming; what had I to offer or to say to my dear wife? Then God reminded me of my promise to love Katey in sickness as much as in health. I might want to inhabit a different story, yet this was the story I was called to live. Instead of fighting God, I needed to discover how to love God through obedience.

So began a journey of discovering the truth of God’s presence in our circumstances, regardless of the fact that they were not of our own choosing. Love offered bread for the journey, water to refresh the soul, truth to plot a course; however, was my heart bold and big enough to respond to such love?

It was only as I chose to humble myself and began to seek first the kingdom, as instructed by Christ, that together we discovered that Christ was present in a world we’d been struggling so hard to escape. It required much of us; yet we found our reward in the fullness of God.


With many peaceful blessings


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