Are You A Decision-taker?

I am by nature a decision-taker. I have long stated confidently, ‘Better the wrong decision than no decision.’ While I appreciate the sentiment, I’m not sure I can state these words with great conviction anymore.

Sometimes my need to make a decision is driven more from my own frustration with circumstance than any real conviction of its validity; it’s a decision for decision’s sake alone.

Love, to continue yesterday’s theme, requires decision. As Katey and I dated, there came a point that I assume we both recognised when the relationship had reached a stage where a decision needed to be taken, one provoked by a proposal of marriage.

On this occasion, I was a lie unto myself, for Katey proposed to me in the face of whatever convention might say.

At every point of our journey, where we have to make decisions, to choose a course of action, Jesus has promised that the Holy Spirit will be at our side. The spirit, says scripture, is a counsellor, advocate and a helper. In walking the way of love, we are never alone.

The obstacles found strewn on our path in pursuit of God are there more for our distraction than our detention. We are to turn to the spirit for guidance in how we might faithfully follow God’s commands and so live from a heart of love.

‘Law’ is a word we most often associate with a constraint to control our behaviours, one that to ignore brings a punishment. However, the Law of Love constrains us for our personal benefit as well as securing the flourishing of humanity.

Loving God and neighbour, forgiving 70 times seven, worshipping and praying, all lead me away from being self-consumed and towards self-realisation.

And the source of such self-realisation is always and only ever can be God. Love forever means I decrease and the other increases. It is the source of our ability to die to self.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings


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