He That Has Ears To Hear Let Him Hear

I can remember when I first encountered Christ, I was convinced that only my own ignorance had prevented me from discovering him before. I imagined that everyone must have got a hold of this dynamic message of loving acceptance, yet for some reason I’d missed it entirely.

So, eating with my parents in an Oxford restaurant on their first visit after my conversion, it was only slowly that I realised my somewhat loud and enthusiastic description of my journey to faith was causing not only them, but a good portion of the restaurant, some embarrassment.

Slowly, seated in that restaurant, not only did I discover Jesus is an embarrassment, but also that what was blindingly obvious to me remained a complete and utter mystery without the benefit of revelation.

Simply put, one cannot be a Christian without the intervention of God’s spirit, who through revelation secures one’s conversion. In such a moment we are moved from darkness to light, from ignorance to understanding. No wonder Jesus stressed that only those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see might enter into his kingdom.

We hold it to be true that God makes every effort to communicate with each and every person on the earth, from the miracle of the natural world, through science and on to personal revelation. At the same time, each of us has the capacity to say ‘No’ to God. Mary, as she stood before the angel Gabriel, had the right to deny God’s request. Yet, she embraced God’s revelation for her life.

So with us; there is that moment of conversion, when the light quite literally goes on, and numerous, subsequent moments as God takes us deeper into his heart, and invites us to give ever more of ourselves to his service.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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