God’s Plan

When Katey and I discovered that we were unable to have children, Katey, knowing of my passion to become a father, offered me a divorce so that I might remarry and start a family. That statement probably sounds as shocking to you today as it did to me those many years ago.

I discovered just how deep Katey’s love was for me. She was willing to release me because she loved me to the extent that she would rather my happiness over her own. We continued in a marriage, the more secure for that bizarre conversation, constantly praying we would have a child.

Then Jayne arrived, deserted for a new lover by her husband while seven months pregnant with their first child. We welcomed her into our home as a friend and she never moved out. When Jayne gave birth, we were both present at the caesarean, held a newborn in our hands, something we’d never anticipated, and parented this new life alongside Jayne in an extended family of joy.

Mary, newly and miraculously pregnant, sets out to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who is also unexpectedly pregnant in her old age. For Elizabeth and Zechariah, the surprise proved so great it was almost beyond belief. However, as with Mary, it was not the scale of their belief that God relied upon, it was their willingness to embrace God’s request.

Katey and I embraced God’s plan, albeit with tears and tantrums along the way, and God worked out his purpose in and through our lives. Although a victory report on this issue of childlessness, I admit that as far as my working life is concerned, I have not always cooperated with God’s plan because I have been too preoccupied with the need to secure paid work, and so have not rested in God’s hands, which has at times delayed God’s purposes in my life.


With many peaceful blessings



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