Healing Through The Holy Spirit

A servant of God was once preaching the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to a large crowd of several thousands.

At the same time a small group had also come with the intent of causing mischief. The innocent preacher was not aware of the evil intentions of these mischief-makers.

The Holy Spirit, however, did know!

So the Holy Spirit decided to inspire His servant to do something very unusual.

As the preacher was speaking for an hour about the love of God, he suddenly said, ‘I shall now prove to you that Jesus Christ is alive today.’

On the platform were a number of boxes overflowing with requests for prayer.

The preacher asked the priest who was chairing the meeting to pick up one of these requests for prayer. The priest picked up one of the prayers, from one of the boxes, at random.

The prayer request selected was from a lady for the healing of her father, who lived in Sri Lanka.

The preacher asked the lady to stand in front of the platform. The lady appeared to be very respectable and confirmed that it was she who had submitted the prayer request that was chosen.

Then the power of the Holy Spirit was made manifest.

In a moment, the preacher became filled with the Holy Spirit and spoken in detail about the lady’s father, living many hundreds of miles in Sri Lanka, and about which parts of his body were affected by the disease.

The preacher’s descriptions were so vivid and accurate that the lady began to cry with surprise and anguish. The lady confirmed publicly, before the thousands of people assembled, that the details being given by the preacher were 100% correct.

Then the preacher said, ‘Madam, I shall now pray with you on this platform that the Lord Jesus Christ may touch your father right now and heal him. He will be healed this very instant. Will you then forward me his letter, reporting that he is completely healed, for publication in my magazine?’

The lady, of course, happily agreed.

Immediately, the Preacher, filled with love and compassion for the lady’s father, began to pray with tears that he might receive immediate healing.

And the people who had come to ridicule the preacher? They promptly surrendered themselves to our Lord.

Following this, the preacher received for publication a letter from the lady’s father, addressed to his daughter, reporting that he had received complete healing at the very moment that the preacher was praying for him.

With many healing blessings



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