Hide and Seek

As a kid I loved playing hide-and-seek. It was exciting getting warmer, then colder with the expectation of eventually securing the prize. The Wise Men followed a lone star across the night skies seeking the prize.

Even as they appeared to be in sight of their prize they lost sight of the star, they were colder, and experienced the chilling welcome from Herod.

How tiresome of God to be a fan of hide-and-seek! He hides his greatest revelation and expects us to search for him. On becoming a Christian, I naively thought that was ‘job done’. Somehow I had a hold of God for myself and therefore eternity was mine.

Of course, all I had was an initial impression of the supernatural reality that crafted, held and sustained everything I knew and experienced. While I thought I was my own reality, I slowly came to appreciate that my reality only made sense and had any substance in as far as I sought the source of that reality, God.

For too many years I rested on my laurels, comfortable in my conviction that I knew God and God’s ways. Only as challenges struck did I begin to realise that I’d taken my eyes off the prize and I was marking time with a minimal understanding of the nature of God and the relationship he freely made available to me.

I came to recognise that who I was intended to become was designed within God’s heart from the dawn of time. God tried consistently to awaken my hunger simply by sowing seeds of invitation.

God’s secrets are hidden and God invites us to seek them out. It may well take a journey, as with the Wise Men, or require an unexpected interruption to the daily routine, as with the shepherds. Yet however the seed lands within my conscious experience, I alone have the power to determine how I shall respond – if I notice the seed at all, that is.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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