The Spirit of God

My life might best be depicted as a see-saw. One moment I am up, contemplating the very essence of the Divine, the next, rock bottom, counting cash and worrying about next week’s grocery bill.

While there is the benefit of the upward arc of the see-saw, there is also the shuddering shock as your end descends to the earth with a bump. I remember with fondness gently rising and falling, reaching neither great heights nor lows, and conversing for ages with a friend on the other end of the see-saw. This, I think, is a good metaphor for the Christian walk.

Life’s see-saw generally finds me descending towards the ground as I worry about aspects of my life that are largely beyond my control in the moment. For all that, I still wrestle with them internally and try to think my way out of what I see as my problem.

Thinking is not praying, although I do find myself seeking to encourage by saying, ‘I’ll be thinking of you.’ Is that because I am embarrassed or just uncertain about the place of prayer? It is my prayer that is perhaps my greatest gift I can offer anyone.

One aspect of prayer that has come alive for me is entering into the presence of God in silence and stillness. I bring nothing but myself. Yet, as I sit before God, I will name those for whom I am praying. I will rather name them and hold them in his presence so that they are bathed in God’s love and grace for as long as I hold them there.

I have learned with St Paul that none of us knows the thoughts of God save the spirit of God and I want to invite that same spirit to intercede and work on behalf of those I carry to God in prayer. The supernatural reality of God is much closer to us that we perhaps ever realise.

(Dr Micha Jazz)


With many peaceful blessings



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