Over 100,000 Children are Homeless

You may not see them on the streets, but they’re still homeless – living in places like hostels and B&Bs.

100,000 children is the equivalent of four in every school in Britain.

Our research has found that 2.5 million parents in Britain are cutting back on essentials like heating and food in order to meet their housing costs. Will you help Shelter be there for these families in desperate need of our help?

Please will you or your church help Shelter to help homeless families this winter?

Your support will help people like Laura. Laura still cries when she speaks about the first day her family spent homeless. Her voice shook as she told us: “It was a very dark, depressing, lonely time. I thought ‘What am I going to do? The children can’t sleep in a car, it’s not safe. They’re just babies’”.

On our website you can find resources to put on a service for Shelter or you candonate now to help us continue our vital work to help children and families who are struggling with bad housing and homelessness.

With many peaceful blessings



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