The Welsh Revival of 1904

On September 13th, 1904, Evan Roberts, and his best friend, Sidney Evans, moved to Newcastle Emlyn (in West Wales) to attend a Grammar School, which actively prepared young men to enter Trefeca College, where they intended to train for the ministry.

His preparation came sooner than he expected.

God began to reveal himself to Evan in a special and extraordinary way. One night he woke up and found himself in the presence of God. And his fellowship with God became so real that he said, afterwards: “I found myself with unspeakable awe and joy in the presence of the almighty God……I was privileged to speak face-to-face with Him as a man speaks face-to-face with a friend.” 

This deep communication went on for four hours, and then Evan fell asleep again.

He was very surprised to find that the same experience occurred the next night, again resulting in an extraordinary fellowship with God that again lasted for four hours.

We can learn many lessons from Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival.

To view and download my video on the Welsh Revival please go to:-

With many peaceful blessings



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