Palm Sunday

Wow what a day!!

You should have seen it!!

I was minding my own business on the way to the city for the Passover festival when I was caught up in the commotion.

Crowds and crowds of people.

All shouting and waving coats and palms, anything they could get hold of really.

There were children singing, Excited women,

And men visibly growing in stature, ready to stand up and fight for what was rightfully theirs.

The soldiers were on high alert.

The priests were clearly concerned and unsure.

And the people He brought with Him were loyal and obedient, ready to follow at any cost, and hanging on His every word.

And there He was. People called him Jesus, The Lamb of God,

The Son of David,

Even, the Messiah, the chosen one of God.

They believed He would raise an army, So they hailed Him as king.

They thought He would bring freedom

So they pledged themselves to Him and to His service.

But I did not see a warlord.

I did not see jewels in a crown,

Or an army marching with swords and clubs. Nor did I hear words of uprising,

Or any call to arms.

Instead I saw a man, humbly riding on a donkey and speaking love. I, like everyone else, was glad to be a part of it.

I knew this was the start of something big.

I could sense that this man drew people to Him

And I felt that He had the power to change those around Him. And He did!!!

With many peaceful blessings



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