Listening to the Holy Spirit

Even in your busy daily life, set aside some time in which to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Don’t expect to hear an audible voice, but listen as He transmits ideas, thoughts and visions into your mind.

The Holy Spirit loves you to talk to Him. And He will eagerly respond to you in ways that you will find very unexpected.

I talk to the Holy Spirit every day – often several times in the day – and I am often absolutely amazed at the thoughts and ideas that flow through my mind!

I find that first thing in the morning – as soon as I awake – is a wonderfully peaceful time in which to pray and talk with God/the Holy Spirit.

Although I am actually having a conversation with the Holy Spirit I know that it is also very important for me to stop talking to Him, so that I am able to hear what it is He is saying to me.

In the quiet and stillness of the early morning light I often receive dynamic ideas from the Holy Spirit; ideas that have never previously occurred to me.

On May 24th, 1738, John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, felt that his heart was ‘strangely warmed’.

And as you listen to the Holy Spirit you, like John Wesley and myself, may also feel your heart becoming strangely warmed.

May our Father God bless you mightily in everything you say and in everything you do



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