My Journey With The Holy Spirit

I have just uploaded my new video which describes my Journey with the Holy Spirit from my earliest days in a Methodist Sunday School to my present life, married to Marlene, and as a member of Beaufort Hill Methodist Church.

And, of course, my testimony includes how our Father God answered my desperate prayers when I was ‘dying’ and brought me back to life because as Jeremiah 29: 11 says – God has great plans for Marlene and I.

To view my new video please click below: –

With many peaceful Blessings




One thought on “My Journey With The Holy Spirit

  1. And God said: Jeremiah chapter 33-3- Call unto me,and I will answer thee,and shew thee great and mighty things,which thou knowest not,…….
    Jesus said: John chapter 15 = 7,16, chapter 16= 23,24,25,26.
    Isaias 55= 11.
    God bless you two.

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