This is the Way That God Works

Susie was what you might call a typical teenager. She liked chatting to her mother, often in the kitchen, usually when she’d had a less than successful day.

One time, everything seemed to have gone wrong. She had had an argument with her best friend, forgotten to do her homework, and missed the bus home.

Her mother, busy baking a cake, listen carefully to the tale of woe.

“Here, try some of this,” she said, handing her daughter a bowl of beaten eggs.

“No, thanks,” Susie replied.

“Well, what about some of this?” And she handed her daughter a tub of margarine. “Or how about some baking soda?”

She smiled at her daughter’s expression. “A lot of things don’t seem very good on their own,” she said, “but put together, you find that they turn out all right.

That’s the way God works, too. We don’t know why He allows some things to happen, but if we let him He can bring them all together and turn them into something special.

We just have to trust Him.”


With many peaceful blessings



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