To EU, or not EU, that is undoubtedly the Question!

I am not a politician (thankfully, say I) and even after having heard the very best arguments volubly argued on behalf of both the Remain and Leave camps, I am really very little the wiser.

The June 23rd Referendum seems to be very much a lottery and whichever side wins will still leave many unanswered questions. Because, of course, there is never going to be any way to prove whether the right decision has been made.

Perhaps only time will tell!

The main challenge for David Cameron – and his Remain colleagues – is that he is rapidly becoming an extremely unpopular Prime Minister, and that does absolutely nothing for his credibility. So why should he be believed when he tries to persuade people that it is in their best interests for the UK to remain in Europe?

Any Prime Minister who is reluctant to tell the truth and who introduces draconian policies that inflict unnecessary financial pain and discomfort upon vulnerable people (the disabled, Pensioners, Single parents etc) who are unable to defend themselves, is not someone who many people will find easy to trust.

David Cameron is a wealthy man and cannot have any idea what it is like to live on a low income week in week out. And I somehow suspect that he will never have the courage to try and find out for himself.

It is not rocket science to reach the conclusion that he has not helped his Remain campaign (upon which he seems to be staking his reputation) – even if he has good arguments to make in favour of staying in the EU – because an increasingly significant number of people (including some of his own party members) would welcome his departure as Prime Minister.

And if you happen to be disabled (like me) then life, as most people know it, becomes a daily financial struggle, to say nothing about the physical challenges which one has to face every day.

Should we remain in the EU, or should we leave the EU?

David Cameron reminds me of the little boy who was praying: –

“Lord, if you can’t make me a better boy, don’t worry about it. I’m having a really good time the way I am.”

David Cameron must be having wonderful fun with all the mighty POWER that he has at his fingertips and has very little inclination (like the little boy) to change the way that he is.

Some people come into your life as blessings; some people come into your life as lessons.

Whether David Cameron’s legacy will be regarded as a blessing or as a lesson may well depend upon your political persuasion.

In my view however, my initial question – To EU, or not EU – is a question that only God knows the right answer to and He is not taking sides; He expects us to be adult enough to sort out our own mistakes.

With many peaceful blessings



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