The Man Beside Her

Once there was a young girl who decided to take a short cut home from school.

The fastest way to her house was to cut through a bush road.

The girl approached the Bush road.

She saw a man standing like he was waiting for someone. She said a prayer:-

“Dear God please lead me through this bush road safe and unharmed. Amen.”

The girl walked through the bush and past the man.

Later on that night, she was watching the news. She saw that same man had rape and murdered a young girl.

The police said the man told them another girl had passed through the bush 10 minutes before.

They asked him why he didn’t attack the first girl.

He said, “There was a man walking beside her!”

As the girl was saying her prayer, the Holy Spirit came down to walk with her – and thus protect her from being raped and/or murdered.

Never ever underestimate the Power of Prayer, for God and the Holy Spirit will always hear them.


With many peaceful blessings



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