Would You Like Your Own Website?

And now for something different!

I have been involved, one way or another, on the internet almost since the internet was invented. And during those years I have designed a considerable number of websites; both for myself and for other people.

Even though I am now physically disabled I am now wearing my web designers ‘hat’ and I thought that I would make myself available to design web sites for those of you who may have thought about having your own web site but didn’t know where to begin.

Designing web sites are very time consuming and I only have the time and capacity to take on a maximum of six clients at any one time.

If you would like a website please send me an email to:-


without knowing exactly what you would like included in your web site it is very difficult for me to quote a firm price but once you have emailed me and I understand what you need I’ll work out a fair price for you.

Let me hear from you if you are interested

With many peaceful blessings



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