Trefeca – the Home of Howell Harris (1714 – 1773)

Today I visited Trefeca.

Trefeca was the home of Howell Harris (1714-1773), influential leader of the Methodist Revival in Wales and contemporary of other great Methodists such as Daniel Rowland, William Williams Pantycelyn, George Whitefield and John and Charles Wesley.

Many people, from various Christian traditions come to Trefeca for training, conferences, spiritual renewal and retreat.

At Trefeca, the emphasis is on hospitality and Christian welcome and for many people. Trefeca is a little bit of heaven with its beautiful surroundings, timeless quality, sense of peace and true family atmosphere, where people of many traditions can gather together to witness and to worship.

Whilst at Trefeca I was able to spend some peaceful reflective moments in deep prayer within the small chapel, which is situated close to the main building. It was a beautiful experience.

These are just a few of the photographs I took whilst I was there:-

Trefeca - the home of Howell Harris (1714-1773)

Trefeca – the home of Howell Harris (1714-1773)

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