My Walk With God – now available as an e-book

As many of you already know I have edited and/or written a number of books; all available as kindle downloads.

One of the downsides about kindle is that that there are still many potential readers who do not – as yet, anyway – have their own kindle readers.

As an author it is so much easier, and less time consuming, to let Amazon do all the work of Kindle promotion.

However, I am now going to make some of my books available as e-books with  .pdf format. Thus, providing you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, everyone without a kindle will now be able to read my books.

The first of my books that may now be purchased as an e-book is My Walk With God (volumes 1 and 2).

I would now like to invite you to take a look at my new website:-

where you will now be able to order either volume 1 or two (or both) of My Walk With God.

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My Walk With God – David Cowling

Two young men met in a fog bound cobbled northern English street. It was evening, perhaps going up to ten; the light of gas street lamps seemed to heighten what was a moment of decision for both of them.

The date was November 1958, the place, Oldham in Lancashire. They were both new Christians, experiencing their conversions the previous year. Friends from their school days and both now studying architecture alongside working in local architectural practices, they had been to a Thursday evening fellowship in the Edward Street Methodist Church.

There they had listened to a silver haired Cliff College evangelist, and the challenge had been quite simple: ‘What is God calling you to do?’

And we both knew; Alan and I knew, that God wanted there to be a ‘Mission Band’ in the Town Centre in Oldham. And so it was that somehow or other there was a ‘Mission Band’ in the Methodist Church on Union Street, one of the main thoroughfares of the Town Centre.

It began life in January 1959. It met at 8.00 pm on every Sunday Evening, and its object was to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel to the young people going about the town on a Sunday evening.

Its leadership was the ad hoc group of young people who emerged around us, aged from their mid-teens to early twenties. Alan and I were both twenty one, the oldest amongst us, 26. I did not know it then, but we were embarking upon a roller coaster adventure, which would mark us for all of the future years of our ‘Walk with God’.

The Minister of the Church was the East Oldham Circuit Superintendent, the Rev. G. Dean Sherriff. He was in a very real sense our guardian against those who would have ejected us.

A man of great compassion and wisdom, he only came amongst us when we asked him to, but we always knew that he was there for us.

Our distant spiritual guru was the Rev. Roy Dew, who had left the town four years earlier, but whose legacy had been the ‘South Chadderton Mission Band’, within which both Alan and I had come into Christian faith. He was from ‘outwith’ the Church, and I was a ‘cradle Methodist’.

The new ‘Mission Band’ was based upon a twin track approach to those who came and joined us. There was the charismatic Worship of the Sunday Evening Meeting; and, the Fellowship activities we tried to put in place.

In the first, we developed our own worship leaders, several of us already being ‘on Trial’ local preachers in our own circuits. Worship was enabled in so many ways, because our God really was for us a ‘God of Surprises’; wonderful gifts emerged, such as our talented Anglican pianist who couldn’t even read music!

We met indoors in wintertime, and on occasion tried ourselves at open air witness and worship in the summertime. We also, as and when asked, took our worship on the road, conducting ‘missions’ in the neighbourhoods of such Churches as would invite us.

Sometimes at a distance. The door knocker became an invaluable contact with new people. Some who remained friends for a life time.

The Fellowship activities began with meeting to go for hill walks; but then went up a major step when the local Hospital invited us to put on Saturday evening entertainment and fellowship for long term residential psychiatric patients who never ever left the hospital.

Again, new friends, new revelations, new challenges, new opportunities. Yet wonderfully in God’s resourcing, we did it; every other week for a time, and we did it!

And somehow or other in God’s grace, young people whom we would never otherwise have met, were coming forward and committing their lives to Christ. Our normal weekly attendance soared beyond sixty, and the age range with it to also embrace some older folks who found there that which was missing elsewhere in their lives.

Eventually there were those from many denominations, and those from none. Leaders from other local churches turned up to see what God was doing [or what it was all about!]. Of course, that is but a clue to the burden which eventually some of us were bearing.

Essentially we were running a new and charismatic young Church, and with all the pastoral responsibilities which inevitably emerged. I was working full time, and also studying.

But we were all changing; people were maturing, marrying and moving on. Alan had already given up part-time study and gone to university.

I was courting Beryl, and in due course we were married and set up home.

We became parents, and our lives were inevitably moving to their next stage. I was approaching final qualification as an architect, and the need to secure future employment as such loomed large.

In August 1962 I started a new job in Boston in Lincolnshire, leaving Oldham in a black Ford Popular. For a time, and until Beryl could join me, I was travelling back to Oldham every week-end, leaving for the 125 mile journey back to Boston after Mission Band concluded. Mission Band was anyway developing into the hands of others, and also moving premises.

By the end of that year Beryl and I were domiciled in Boston, and I was learning to be a Local Preacher in a 36 church Methodist rural circuit. When I was eventually recognised as a Methodist Local Preacher, it was in the Centenary Methodist Church in Boston – and we were committed to the next stage of our own ‘Walk with God’.
The ‘East Oldham Mission Band’ had been a four year adventure in our lives.

Who we were to be, what things we would do, the lifelong friends we would have, even the life of today, were all shaped in those ‘Mission Band’ years.

I pray for all of those out there the world, now in more mature years, who shared those four years with us.

(David Cowling is the Author of Methodism in Scotland and in Perth)

My Walk With God is published in Kindle Format.

My Walk With God – Volume 1 – costs only £1.99 and may be downloaded by going to:-


My Walk With God – Volume 2 – also costs only £1.99 and may be downloaded by going to:-


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My Walk With God – Volumes 1 and 2

If you have not already downloaded and read these two inspirational kindle books I can strongly recommend them:-

People who have contributed their ‘Walks’ include:-

  • Rev Ruth Gee – President of the Methodist Conference 2013/2014
  • Daleep Mukarji – Vice President of the Methodist Conference 2013/2014
  • Tamara Wray – Youth President of the Methodist Conference 2013/2014
  • Rev Ruth Pickles – Vice President of the Methodist Conference 2011/2012
  • Mark Peel – Author of the Last Wesleyan (a Biography of Lord Soper)
  • Rev Martyn Turner – Team Leader and Superintendent of Westminster Central Hall
  • Rev Keith Garner – Superintendent of the Wesley Mission, Sydney, Australia

My Walk With God – Volume 1 – costs only £1.99 and may be downloaded by going to:-




My Walk With God – Volume 2 – also costs only £1.99 and may be downloaded by going to:-


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My Walk With God – website

I have just given our ‘My Walk With God’ website a much needed makeover.

To take a look at it, I warmly invited you to visit:-

There are also some links to several videos that I have produced during the past year.

I plan to produce more videos during the next few months

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My Walk With God

In October 2012, I was a man who was lost within the world. I had knowledge of the world and was a Reiki Grandmaster and gave to the world and all my followers, what I thought everyone needed. I wrote various books on healing and other subjects, and was learned in many aspects and counted myself to be prosperous in life.

Then, illness struck me down in July 2012 and no matter where I turned and no matter who came to help me, there was, so it appeared, no cure, no help, no sleep, I was unable to eat, I had absolutely no relief and no hope, and no future.

The illness persisted, my health deteriorated to such a low point that walking became impossible and healing was slow, bringing no relief and no hope.

The situation became worse. I openly confess that I whined and complained of pain – and progress was very intermittent. My doctor, Antonia Bradbury, visited me in my home in January 2013 and thought that I would die that very night but she nevertheless prescribed medication and she also arranged for me to receive treatment by a team of district nurses on a daily basis.

Sitting in an armchair, trying to sleep or upright in a bed, legs scarred, water pouring out of my legs, I cried, in repentance, from the heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I surrendered my life to Christ.

I was lost, and in despair, but Jesus found me, is how I subsequently described my conversion. Jesus changed my mind set and I knew that I had to give my life totally, and unconditionally, to Christ.

I received the wondrous peace of God and a bounteous joy that saw me through each day.

In Christ, I became a new creation, the past was washed clean.

I knew about Jesus of Nazareth, but did not know Him, or have any relationship with Him.

In this time, whilst I was so seriously ill, prayer was my only hope, and salvation. My knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ increased and I began to feel/sense that hope and light was in sight.

God in His infinite mercy and grace, reached out to me, as I reached out to Jesus, and encouraged me not to allow Jesus pass me by.

I reached out to the Lord Jesus Christ, because at last I had found peace and a hope through and in Jesus.

Daily reading of the scriptures and prayer led me to totally depend on God. I stretched out my hands and touched the Lord as I became ever closer to Him.

I discovered that He is never too busy to hear my heart’s cry! He is passing by this very moment my needs to supply. Reach out and touch the Lord as He passes by. That is what I did…….

I reached out to God, placing all my trust in Him, and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

Absolute faith in Christ, coming to Jesus in repentance, brought forgiveness, I received complete salvation. I was set free from the bondage of sickness and near death.

Many things had happened in my life which had caused me tremendous trouble and distress. My life was falling apart.

On one very spectacular occasion – when I was feeling in despair and almost beginning to wonder whether I would ever recover and would I ever be able to walk again – I cried for help to my Lord, a pitiful plea from my heart, for my legs to be healed and all the rough skin to disappear.

The next day, when the District Nurse arrived and had removed the bandage from my legs, she was amazed; a miracle had indeed taken place!!!

All my leg wounds had become healed and the majority of the rough skin had miraculously disappeared.

In surrendering my life to Christ, I was saved from the throes of almost certain death. Slowly, but surely, trusting in God for my salvation, I began to take my first steps again. The joy of the Lord was my strength and courage.

The death of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary, gave me life, and hope, where there was none. He gave me healing and salvation.

His blood washed over this child of God (me) and I opened my heart, and surrendered my life completely into the hands of God.

My life changed dramatically since Jesus entered into my life. I was set free… Jesus became My Lord and Saviour. I began to attend the Bethel Methodist Church and became a full member in September 2013.

I am also indebted to my sister-in-law, Angelene Jacob, for sending me many Biblical books and for all her written and vocal support from her home in Durban.

Today, I am the webmaster of the Bethel Methodist Church website:-

And of The Christian Word Searches web site:-

(My wife, Marlene, creates all our Biblical Word Searches)

And I am also writing – and have written – books about Jesus, Prayer and the Bible, most of which may be found at:-

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The Gracious God – a new video talk by Rev Roy Watson

I have just uploaded a new video talk entitled ‘The Gracious God’ which I have produced for Rev Roy Watson, who is a Minister in the Gwent Hills and Vales Methodist Circuit.

To view Roy’s inspirational video talk please go to:-

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The Easter Message 2014 from the Rev Roy Watson

I have just created a new inspirational video for my friend, Rev Roy Watson.


Rev Roy Watson, a Methodist Minister in the Gwent Hills and Vale Circuit, warmly invites you to view his new video:-
‘The Easter Message 2014’…….

……to view Roy’s inspirational video please go to:-

If you have your own website and/or Facebook page you are very welcome to include the above link as you feel appropriate.
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The Christian Art of the Rev John Brown

The Rev John Brown was born on the 23rd December 1722 in the small village of Carpow, which is situated in the parish of Abernethy in the county of Perthshire (Scotland).

Among his better known works is The Self-Interpreting Bible which was published in two volumes in 1778.

Read his Bibles to be encouraged about how God can take a poor, uneducated farm boy, and make him into one of the great spiritual leaders of his day.

All the Christian Art pictures that appear in my book are included within several editions of Brown’s Holy Bible and The Self-Interpreting Bible.

Until January 21st you may download a free copy of ‘The Christian Art of the Rev John Brown’ by taking a look at:-

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