God is Good

Three years ago – in January 2013 – God decided that it was time for me to be taken from my comfort zone and to turn my life upside down.

He made me ill; an illness from which I very nearly died. But God had a plan for me, He wasn’t ready to welcome me into His kingdom of Heaven. He wanted me to become one of His evangelists.

Fortunately, He didn’t want me – or even expect me – to have to do everything by myself. He sent me a lovely lady from Durban, Marlene, who had been a Methodist lay preacher for many years.

Looking back at the past 3+ years I can see the hand of our Father God, working behind the scenes so to speak, very clearly.

Marlene and I married in January 2013. When I became very sick, just after we were married, Marlene taught me to pray. I was desperate, I repented of all my previous sins (of which there were many), and God graciously heard my prayer requests and, one memorable night, I prayed and prayed and prayed, many heartfelt prayers, and the very next day, when the District Nurse visited me to renew the bandages on my legs, all my open wounds and blisters had been healed.

A wondrous – and God given – miracle had taken place.

And although it took me many months to learn to walk again and although I lack of the physical strength that I once had, He has given me a second chance to live a completely new – and evangelical – life.

Jeremiah 29: 11 says that God has plans for me.

Philippians 4: 19 mentions that our God will supply all my needs.

And He has been supplying all my needs during the past three years. Not wants, but true needs.

I give great thanks to you, Father God, for taking me out of my previous carnal existence and showing me what you wished me to do for the rest of my life. You are, indeed, a powerful God, our creator God and a God of infinite miracles.

Please help me to help as many people as possible enter a deeper, and very fulfilling, relationship with you, my dear Heavenly Father.

Please bless me mightily, in everything I say, everything I write and in everything I do.


With many thankful and joy-filled blessings