Adam and Eve – Genesis Chapter 2

The weekend is nearly here, well almost, anyway, so why not settle down with one of our Biblical Word Searches?

This one is based on Adam and Eve, Chapter 2, and words may be found, vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

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25% of Adults believe that Superman was a Biblical character

25% of adults believe that Superman is a character found in the Bible, a new survey commissioned by the Bible Society, has discovered.

The survey exposed a tremendous lack of religious knowledge and education within the UK.

And a quarter of the people completing this survey also thought that Harry Potter was a story from the Bible.

Almost three in ten people did not know the story of the Birth of Jesus and a similar number of children had never heard stories about Adam and Eve or even about Christ’s crucifixion on the cross.

A further 60% did not know about Jesus feeding the five thousand and more than half had no idea that Noah and his ark was a story from the Bible.

Astoundingly, 54% of parents thought that the well known film, The Hunger Games, was, or might be, a story from the Bible!!

The survey involved some 800 children and 1100 parents.

The Bible Society issued a statement saying ‘The Bible enriches life, and every child should have the opportunity to experience it’.

Obviously, much has changed during the sixty years since I first attended my Methodist Sunday School.

Although my parents were not overly religious they always insisted that every Sunday morning I went to Sunday School.

Even in my 67th year I still find the Bible a wealth of continued fascination – many of the stories in the Bible have enriched my life beyond measure!