The Christian Art of the Rev John Brown

I am in the process of creating paperback versions of all my kindle books.

Today it is the turn of The Christian Art of the Rev John Brown.

The Christian Art of the Rev John Brown (1722-1787) includes many coloured and black and white pictures/templates which were originally published in the Self-Interpreting Bible of the Rev John Brown in 1778.

All the pictures are beautiful and truly inspiring.

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I know that you will be enthralled by the wonderful pictures, which first saw the light of day in The Self Interpreting Bible published by the Rev John Brown.

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Two books about the Rev John Brown – freely available via Kindle

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The Rev John Brown was born on the 23d December 1722 in the small village of Carpow, which is situated in the parish of Abernethy, in the county of Perthshire (Scotland).

As a child, living in impoverished conditions, John contented himself with learning as much about life as he could; he was especially drawn to the Bible, which was his great love and joy.

And his very limited time at school saw him only being able to learn elementary knowledge about reading, writing and arithmetic.

By the age of thirteen he was an orphan, living in poverty. He became a herd-boy, watching sheep to earn his living. However, he still had a deep interest in the things of God, and set out to educate himself in the original languages of the Bible.

And after completing all his studies, Brown was called to be the pastor in the town of Haddington.

He became a prolific author and one of his best known works is The Self-Interpreting Bible, which was published in two volumes in 1778.

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The Christian Art of the Rev John Brown:-

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The Art of Life

An elderly lady had achieved fame as an artist rather late in life. At the opening of an art exhibition of her work, she was being interviewed by a young art critic.

It was well known that she had had many problems and tragedies during her life and the critic remarked that none of her paintings seemed to reflect those difficult times, but were all bright and cheerful.

“Why was this so?”, the art critic asked.

“The art of life, “the old lady replied simply, “is using the shadows to emphasize the highlights!”

What profound words; we have much upon which to ponder from these truths!


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