There is Power in the Word of God

The Word of God – the Bible – has great power. There is  Power in the Word of God will provide you with many wonderful truths, from which you will greatly benefit if you take the time to inwardly digest and use His Words – The Word of God – in your daily life.

There is Power in the Word of God (Kindle edition) costs only £1.53 and may be downloaded from:-

This book is not intended as a replacement for your normal Bible study, rather it simply highlights certain Biblical passages which have great Power as you speak them – and read them.

Few of the Bible texts quoted in this book actually stand alone. Our intention is not for you to bypass reading the Bible on a daily basis.

Please take your time and look up each relevant text in your Bible (whichever version you may use) and be sure to read the scriptures before and after the texts mentioned in this book.

Most of the Bible Texts in this book come from the King James Version but very similar writings – even if slightly different Words are used – will be contained within all Bibles.

God Bless




The Soldier’s Debts

There was once a moving story involving the life of a certain soldier who had incurred very heavy debts.

One night, before retiring at the end of his day’s duties, he sat down and began to jot down his dues to his various creditors.

And when he added up the total amount that he owed he realised that it was a truly staggering amount. He felt as if his heart would stop beating because of the utter helplessness that he was experiencing.

In despair he started scribbling beside the grand total, ‘Who can pay off all this?’

Shortly after that, in sheer frustration, with his folded arms upon the writing desk he laid his head, and in a few moments, he feel asleep. He even forgot to put out his light, in obedience to army regulations.

The king of the country, who passed that way at midnight, in disguise, silently entered the soldier’s tent to ascertain the reason for his failure to obey the rules and regulations of the army.

He saw the soldier fast asleep, resting his head on the writing desk. He could not but notice the paper on the desk and was touched by that long list of numbers and what was written underneath it.

That question of despair intrigued him. He took the pen on the table, and signed his own name against that question. The next moment he silently retreated from the tent and continued on his way.

The day dawned and the soldier awoke, rubbing his sleepy eyes. Again the realisation of his huge debt gained poignancy.

He reluctantly turned his eyes to the paper on which he had listed his debts and was astonished when he saw the signature of the reigning monarch against his question.

When he guessed what had happened during the silent hours of the night, his joy knew no bounds! He jumped up and danced around.

And he began singing:-

My debts, my debts, my debts have rolled away!
My king, my king, my king has paid to-day!

This is a tale of deep human interest. But, of course, you may doubt and think, ‘Will such a stroke of good fortune ever be mine?’

Remember that our Lord Jesus said ‘Ask and it shall be given unto you’. And from very personal experience I have found that by praying to our Father God He will most certainly, and very graciously, answer your prayers and needs.

God Bless each and everyone of you reading these words


A Blessing Just For You

May you be blessed
with all things good,
May your joys, like the stars at night,
be too numerous to count.

May your victories be more abundant
than all the grains of sand
on all the beaches
on all the oceans
in the entire world.

May lack and struggle be always
absent from your life
and may beauty order and abundance
be your constant companions.

May every pathway you choose
lead to that which is pure and good and lovely.
May every doubt and fear
be replaced by a deep abiding trust
as you behold evidence of a Higher Power
all around you.

And when there is only darkness
and the storms of life are closing in
May the light at the core of your being
illuminate the world.

May you always be aware you are loved beyond measure
and may you be willing to love unconditionally in return.
May you always feel protected and cradled
in the arms of God,
like the cherished child you are.

And when you are tempted to judge
may you be reminded that we are all ONE
and that every thought you think
reverberates across the universe,
touching everyone and everything.

And when you are tempted to hold back,
may you remember that love flows best when
it flows freely
and it is in giving that we receive
the greatest gift.

May you always have music and laughter
and may a rainbow follow every storm
May gladness wash away every disappointment
may joy dissolve every sorrow
and my love ease every pain.

May every wound bring wisdom
and every trial bring triumph
and with each passing day
may you live more abundantly than the day before.

May you be blessed!

And may others be blessed by you.
This is my heartfelt wish for you.

May you be blessed!