My Walk With God – free Kindle E-Book

Just a gentle reminder that if you have a Kindle – and have not yet done so – you may still download the ‘My Walk With God’ Kindle e-book completely free until tomorrow evening.

To download your free Kindle copy of ‘My Walk With God’ please click below:-

Happy Christmas everyone – Peace be with you all.


My Walk With God – Free Kindle Promotion – 21st-25th December 2013

From Saturday. December 21st to Wednesday, December 25th the kindle version of ‘My Walk With God’ will be absolutely free.

To download your free copy onto your Kindle Machine please click below:-

At the moment ‘My Walk With God’ is only available as a Kindle but if you do not have a Kindle machine – and would like a copy – just send me your email address and I’ll send you a pdf file as an email attachment.

You’ll find further information about ‘My Walk With God’ on our website:-
With many peaceful blessings
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