How Would You Change Your Life For The Better?

Here’s a very profound thought upon which I would like you to ponder today:

If you knew with absolute certainty that you were going to die tomorrow evening, wouldn’t you want to try and make your peace with our Father God?

And wouldn’t you start to look all around you and take in the glory of God that you see all around you; the trees, the babbling brooks, the sunset, beautiful flowers?

Wouldn’t you want to listen again to your favourite music and hymns?

Wouldn’t you want to be with the ones you love? To tell them how much you appreciate them; how much you love them?

And wouldn’t you want to leave this world, having made your presence felt, and knowing that you were going to be greatly missed by all your friends and family?

Well, my dear friends, if so, why don’t you make a start now?

Think about it – what are you going to do change your life for the better?

Have a wonderfully life-changing weekend

With many peaceful blessings


Thought for the Day

The glory of God is not that of a despotic tyrant, but the splendour of love before which we fall not in abject terror but lost in wonder, love and praise.

From the immortal pen of William Barclay


With many peaceful blessings