Asia Bibbi To Appeal Death Sentence

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has been allowed to take her appeal against her death penalty for blasphemy to Pakistan’s Supreme Court in the capital, Islamabad, following a hearing on Wednesday 22 July. Until the Supreme Court reaches its final decision, Asia cannot be executed.

In a statement, the Chairman of the National Council of Churches in Pakistan said: “This order of the Supreme Court has paved the way for her possible complete acquittal.” However, a lawyer who wished to remain anonymous told us: “I think Asia is more at risk than ever. This has paved the way equally to rile up the extremists and create an urgency to destroy her and raise the profile of their cause: the removal of minorities from Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Please Pray with me:

  • For comfort and strength for Asia, her husband Ashiq Masih and their five children
  • For wisdom and protection for Asia’s legal team

For justice for Asia, and for a change to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws so that they can no longer be abused to persecute minorities.



With many peaceful blessings


No Longer a Slumdog

An illiterate man came with a strange request to the Gospel For Asia Bridge of Hope leaders: Would they send the “medical doctor named Jesus” to help his sick wife? He was dead serious and quite desperate in his pleading.

Here is the story. In a Gospel For Asia Bridge of Hope center in North-east India, a first grader named Nibun was not only getting a normal education in mathematics, reading and writing, but he was also learning about Jesus. He listened closely as his teachers talked about this man healing the sick, casting out demons and feeding the hungry.

Nibun’s home was a mud hut where he lived with his parents. Like other poor families, they didn’t have the luxury of going to a hospital when they were sick; it was simply too expensive and most doctors were several miles away. Five or ten miles may not seem like much while riding in a car or a bus, but it’s a long distance to travel on a dirt path through the woods, especially when sick.

Nibun’s mother had been very ill. His father did everything he could and even cried out to all his gods for help. But she continued to get worse, and soon her situation became critical. That’s when Nibun told his father about the amazing things Jesus did. And this poor man thought we had a medical doctor named Jesus at the GFA Bridge of Hope center.

In response to his request, two missionaries went to extend whatever help they could. They talked with the family about Jesus and explained the Gospel. Finally, they laid hands on the woman and prayed that God would heal her.

Just as we read in the Word of God, the Lord in His mercy did just that. The news spread like wildfire throughout the small village. Through this miracle, several others came to know the Lord. The following week, more families placed their faith in Jesus.

To understand how incredible this is, it’s important to know that this particular community had earlier shown no interest whatsoever in hearing the Good News. It was not until Nibun’s mother was healed that they wanted to know more.

Subsequently, the first church in the history of this community was soon established. Now the life-changing Gospel continues to spread to neighboring villages, and more people are coming to know the saving power of Christ.

It is so important that we do not look at physical assistance alone as “fulfilling” the Great Commission. If our goal is simply to improve people’s outward status without touching their soul, then we are no different than any of the hundreds of other relief organizations out there today.

The miraculous awakening in this village all began with one little boy named Nibun learning about the Lord for the first time in his life in a GFA Bridge of Hope center.

And his story is not an exception; it is becoming almost a daily occurrence.

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With many peaceful blessings