Jesus and the Holy Spirit

God, who loves us and watches over us, sent Jesus, a descendant of David, to transform and change many lives as he walked on the earth. He was obedient to God the Father (His Father), and willingly sacrificed His life, for the task he had been sent to earth to accomplish.

He was anointed by God, and chosen to heal the sick, mend the broken hearted, and to preach, teach and heal.

He called unlearned, smelly fishermen to become His disciples. God takes the foolish to confound the wise. He raised them from nobody to greatness as disciples in Christ.

He walked, talked, ate with them. They knew of his peace and love. He even taught them how to pray.

Many lives were transformed. God worked through Jesus to transform lives. Through the sins of man Jesus was crucified to die on the cross of Calvary. He endured the pain and suffering, rejection and criticism, hatred and, through His love for people and for their salvation, died.

The way to greatness for Jesus was the way of the cross as the suffering servant and he was victorious when He rose again.

He appeared to many people and they believed in Him. He transformed many lives and blessed them. This carpenter from Nazareth became the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and the Saviour of the world.

After he ascended to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to anoint these disciples who faithfully and obediently responded to His call. These ordinary people, left all behind them, and empowered by God, shared the Good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible.

The Holy Spirit chose Saul, the persecutor, with worldly power. GREATNESS in the eyes of the world – is found in POWER!
And He transformed and renewed Saul’s life. Saul lost all his material possessions for the greatest spiritual possession of receiving the Holy Spirit, and he became Paul, the faithful Apostle, who went about preaching, teaching and healing.

God raised him up to be the great apostle and to save millions of souls by sharing the good news about Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

In the midst of life’s battles remember that God loves you. As David cried to God in the cave: “O my God, as the deer pants for the water so my soul longs for you, My God….” In his quiet moments he sought the Lord.

No matter how far away we go, God hears our prayer, for His ears are open to the cries of His children. In Psalm 34: 15 (written by David):-

The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous and his ears toward their cry.

Yet the Lord heard his prayer and answered Him. No matter how far down we sink, God can lift us up and put us on the rock that will never sink, a life in Jesus. Our faith and foundation is in Jesus.

Today, there are lions and bears and giants awaiting to be slain. The enemy waits to devour, kill and destroy like a roaring lion. Therefore God is calling us.

Are we confident enough, faithful enough, to accept the challenge that the Holy Spirit does not call only on special or important people.

He calls on ordinary people like you and me. We need to listen, to hear His call and to obey His call to share the good news of Jesus Christ. This is our opportunity to bring others to know and love God, and to spread the Word of Jesus. The Holy Spirit transforms lives. He empowers us to be witnesses to the Gospel.

As David was chosen, we too are chosen. We are taken from our pastures where we are comfortable and He sets our feet on higher ground. We are blessed with greatness through His supernatural power.

What a blessing it is to be assured that Jesus is ours, and has changed and transformed our lives. Life will never be the same again. He takes us out of our comfort zone, through many trials and tribulations I always have managed to hold onto God.

If we are faithful to God, then God will be faithful to us………
And God blessed me and set my feet where He wanted me to be, to share the Good News of Jesus. His blessings literally abound my life every single day.
Today, God is calling us, the harvest is plenty, the workers few. Listen for God’s presence, listen to His voice, and to be open to change and live faithfully as witnesses to the love of God in Jesus Christ.
For the believer, the way to the greatness of the cross is the way of suffering and being His servant. To serve others willingly, faithfully and obediently. I want to be great in the Lord’s eyes.
So all glory, praise and honour to the Most High God.
Like David, we too can be raised up to walk in Christ’s spiritual victory greatness to win souls. Are you accepting his challenge today to answer his call?
Think of Jesus Christ knocking now, asking to come into your life. You want Him to come into your life, or perhaps you want to make sure that He has come into your life.
It might help you to say this prayer, phrase by phrase, quietly, slowly, thoughtfully, thinking carefully what you are saying and what you are doing.
(From the Holy Spirit E-Book. For further information about this thought provoking book please visit:-
With many peaceful blessings

Their House Was Filled With Nothing

A mysterious illness caused Kalapi’s body to shake uncontrollably. For two years, she had difficulties walking, eating and drinking. Eventually, she struggled even to speak. Her family sought aid but found none—until they heard about a local Christian congregation. Kalapi went to the church, which is led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Boro Rai, and received prayer. It was there that she finally found deliverance, thanks to Jesus.

Pastor Boro began visiting Kalapi and her husband, Mudit, to tell them more about the God who healed her and to encourage them with promises from Scripture. During his visits, Pastor Boro noticed the bareness of their home, which contained only a few household items. But even more haunting was the thin, weak appearance of Kalapi’s children. Kalapi and Mudit could afford to feed them flatbread made of cornmeal, but that was about it. The lack of nutrition left the children vulnerable to frequent illnesses, and Kalapi and Mudit didn’t have the money to buy medicine for them.

Pastor Boro couldn’t ignore the images he had seen of the near-empty home and the frail bodies of the children. Wanting to help, he spoke with his leaders and told them about the family’s need.

Compassion Fills Bare Home with Joy

When Pastor Boro visited Kalapi and Mudit, he noticed the bareness of their home and the thin, weak appearance of their children.

Family Receives Life-Changing Gift

Pastor Boro and his leaders decided to help meet the family’s basic needs by giving Kalapi and Mudit a gift. Pastor Boro told Kalapi the good news that the church was going to help her family, and he invited her to a Christmas gift distribution.

Kalapi arrived on the appointed day. At the event, 20 pairs of goats, 24 cows, 25 water buffalo and several other useful items waited for Kalapi and other struggling families. Each gift, from a pair of tin sheets to a water buffalo, represented a helping hand from the Lord, who wanted these families to thrive.

Compassion Fills Bare Home with Joy

When Pastor Boro visited Kalapi and Mudit, he noticed the bareness of their home and the thin, weak appearance of their children.

Compassion Fills Bare Home with Joy

Pastor Boro told his leaders about his concerns for Kalapi’s family. Then, during a Christmas gift distribution, Kalapi received a cow and a calf!

That day, Kalapi went home with a cow and a calf. With joy in her eyes, she thanked those who had made it possible for her to receive the gift.

Cow Strengthens Children’s Bodies, Fills Woman’s Heart with Faith

Now, because God put it on the church’s heart to give Kalapi a cow and calf, her family is enjoying a stability they desperately needed. The cow provides Kalapi’s children with milk, a source of protein that has helped their bodies grow stronger. In addition, Kalapi and Mudit have been able to use the cow’s dung to fertilize their crops, and when the calf grows up, they plan to use it to plow their fields.

These Christmas gifts not only helped the family’s financial condition, but they also showed Kalapi how much God and His children care for her family. Seeing God’s compassion on her family, Kalapi’s faith grew. She prays to Jesus to meet her family’s needs, trusting in Him to provide.

Pastor Boro told his leaders about his concerns for Kalapi’s family. Then, during a Christmas gift distribution, Kalapi received a cow and a calf!

Compassion Fills Bare Home with Joy

God has used the gift of a cow to sustain Kalapi’s family. Kalapi’s children have grown stronger and healthier by drinking the cow’s milk.

God has used the gift of a cow to sustain Kalapi’s family. Kalapi’s children have grown stronger and healthier by drinking the cow’s milk.

“I thank God who has not only set me free from my sickness, but also blessed us with a cow that provides milk,” Kalapi said. “Now my children are able to eat chapatti [flatbread] with milk. I praise God . . . for helping such families as mine.”

You Can Bless More Families

By providing gifts from Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog, you can help bring stability and hope to families like Kalapi’s as you give them a source of income and sustenance. More importantly, you will be part of a tangible illustration of God’s great love for them.

Give life-sustaining gifts

With many peaceful blessings


The People Of Nepal Need Your Prayers

The country of Nepal is actively working to finalize its constitution, and the people need your prayers.

An interim constitution has governed Nepal since the country’s monarchy was dispelled in 2007. After the recent earthquakes, the current Constituent Assembly of Nepal quickly began working on the constitution in an effort to speed up the reconstruction process and reassure citizens they are able to effectively respond to crises.

The government recently distributed 200,000 copies of the preliminary draft to the public, affording citizens the opportunity to suggest changes. On July 23, a report containing the public’s feedback will be sent to the Constituent Assembly.

They hope to ratify the constitution by mid-August.

My brothers and sisters, this is a critical time for prayer on behalf of the people in Nepal.

There have been riots and protests concerning the draft. Many people are demanding Nepal return to its traditional religious roots.

Right now, religious minorities in the country fear their freedom to practice and share their faith will be severely restricted if the current draft of the constitution goes unchanged.

Will you pray with me for this situation?

  • Pray that the governing authorities will be guided by wisdom as they work to finalize Nepal’s constitution.
  • Pray also that God’s people will be granted freedom to worship.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Yours for those in Nepal,
K.P. Yohannan
Founder and International Director

Please join with me in praying for the people of Nepal

With many peaceful blessings


New Hope Gospel Choir from Atlanta (USA)

If you live in South Wales this is an event not to be missed!

The New Hope Gospel Choir from Atlanta (USA) will be singing for us on :-

Wednesday 1st July 2015

At 7.00pm

Venue : – Mount Pleasant Baptist Church ( Cefn Road, Blackwood, Gwent )

more information from : –

Rev Mark Thomas : –

Entry is free

This is going to be a very enjoyable evening. Come along if you can.

With many peaceful blessings


He Didn’t Like The Pastor

When Pastor Chanchal and Lahar met, Lahar was uninterested and even hostile toward what Pastor Chanchal had to say. Lahar had his own religious beliefs, a family to take care of and an inner battle to wage—a battle between leading a responsible life and giving in to the addiction that threatened to destroy that life.

Even though Lahar often grumbled at Pastor Chanchal’s words and sometimes even scolded him, the two men continued to talk with one another. For years, Pastor Chanchal spent time with Lahar and his family once or twice a week. As their relationship deepened, Lahar gradually became interested in what the pastor had to say, and Pastor Chanchal had opportunities to tell the family about Jesus’ love.

Man Struggles to Fight Alcoholism, Provide for Family

Lahar’s life had always involved struggle: When Lahar was young, his father neglected his family, blinded to their needs by his alcoholism, so Lahar bore the burden of providing for his parents and siblings.

Unfortunately, Lahar began walking in his father’s shoes: He became addicted to alcohol at the age of 18. After Lahar married, his alcoholism brought much grief to his wife, Lajja, and drove her away to her parents’ home for three years.

With effort, Lahar eventually stopped drinking and reunited with his wife. Together, the couple worked to provide for their growing family. Eventually, they started a business; it seemed their lives were getting better.

An Unlikely Friendship Develops

Meanwhile, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Chanchal, who had started ministering in Lahar’s village. One day, Pastor Chanchal offered Lahar a piece of Christian literature. Like most of the other villagers, Lahar didn’t want to hear the message of hope Pastor Chanchal had to share. But Lahar did allow Pastor Chanchal to continue visiting his family, and over the course of several years, a friendship grew.

Pastor Chanchal’s words touched the heart of Lahar’s mother, and she started attending the local church. But because Lahar’s father was the elder of their village, people criticized the family for her interest in Christ. Under society’s pressure, Lahar and his father told her she couldn’t attend church for more than a year. But Lahar’s mother continued walking with Jesus, and soon the source of family turmoil shifted from her to Lahar.

Man Hits Rock Bottom

Lahar slipped back into the grip of alcoholism, throwing away the hard work he had invested to quit drinking, reunite with his wife and start a business. Not only did Lahar waste his days drinking with friends, but he also started stealing things at night. He, like his father, stopped providing for his family.

During this time, Lajja and her children experienced Christ’s love through Lahar’s mother, who helped take care of them. Seeing this love led Lajja and her children to the feet of Jesus too. Soon Lajja began joining her mother-in-law in praying for Lahar’s life to change.

As they prayed, Pastor Chanchal continued reaching out to Lahar. The pastor told him of Jesus’ grace and invited him to church. As God responded to prayer and spoke through the Pastor’s encouraging words, Lahar’s life began to change. He stopped stealing and drinking alcohol, and he visited the church one Sunday.

There, as Lahar stood among the believers worshiping, he felt as if a burden had been lifted from him. With a new peace and joy in his life, he decided to entrust his life to Jesus, and he has continued to change from the inside out! Now Lahar takes care of his family, and they rejoice in the redemption Jesus has worked in their lives. Lahar even supports his friend, Pastor Chanchal, as he continues ministering the grace of Jesus in the village.

Many Find Friendship with Jesus

Through Pastor Chanchal’s commitment to befriend and share hope with Lahar and his family, Lahar found the best friend of all, Jesus Christ.

What a wonderfully true story!!!

With many peaceful blessings


Prove It!

It is related that the famous French artist Gustave Dore was once wandering in the mountains of Switzerland, when some officials met him and demanded his passport. “I do not have it with me,” he replied, “but my name is Gustave Dore.” “Prove it, if you are,” replied the officers, knowing who Dore was–but not believing that this was he. Taking a piece of paper, the artist hastily sketched a group of peasants who were standing near, and did it with such grace and skill that the officials exclaimed, “Enough, you are Dore!”

In the same way, the world cares little for a mere profession. We say we are Christians, and the challenge is, “Prove it!” If we are of Christ, then we must do the works of Christ, live the life of Christ, and show the spirit of Christ. The artist’s skillful drawing proved his identity. Just so, we must prove that we are the followers of our Master by the love, the grace, the beauty, the holiness of our life.

Religion is not merely a matter of creed and profession, or of church-going and public worship; it is far more a matter of daily life. It is not how we behave on Sundays, nor the kind of creed we hold, nor the devoutness of our worship–it is the way we act at home, in school, in business, in society, in our associations with others. It is vitally important that all who profess Christ–shall manifest Christ’s beauty in their life and character. It is not enough to preach the gospel in words alone; others must also read it in our daily life. “So that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders.” 1 Thessalonians 4:12

“Whoever says he abides in Christ, ought to walk and conduct himself in the same way in which He walked and conducted Himself.” 1 John 2:6

(Roxee Rico)


With many peaceful blessings


CHRISTIANS KILLED and ABDUCTED in the Central African Republic

Christians killed and abducted

At least 18 Christians have been killed in a recent wave of violence in Central African Republic (CAR). In an attack in the capital Bangui on 11 February, 16 Christians were killed, some by beheading. The following week, in the Nana Grebizi province, Fulani herdsmen killed two Christians and abducted another Christian, Kondremunju Philippe, and his son. Pastor Enza Vincent from Kaga-Bandoro, the provincial capital of Nana Grebizi, says: “We want peace… There are thousands of Christians who are suffering.”

Please Pray:

  • For bereaved families to experience God’s comfort and provision
  • That Kondremunju Philippe and his son will be released safely
  • For those displaced by the recent violence, and that aid organisations will be able to deliver relief to them soon
  • For breakthroughs in the battle to restore peace in CAR, and wisdom for the government.

As those of you who read my daily blogs regularly will know I am a great supporter of the Persecuted Church and I make no apologies for including frequent references to the terrible atrocities that are being perpetrated against Christians and people of other religious faiths around the world.

Please remember the people being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

In today’s ‘civilised’ society this should never be allowed to happen but – sadly – it is all too prevailant.

Your prayers can – and will – make a difference.

With many heart-felt blessings


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