Easter Message 2015 – Video from Rev Roy Watson

If you have not yet viewed Rev Roy Watson’s inspirational Easter Message for 2015 I would recommend that you visit:-



Roy is a Minister in the Gwent Hills and Vale Methodist Circuit.
With many peaceful blessings



The Easter Message 2015 – from Rev Roy Watson

I have just produced – and uploaded – the inspirational Easter Message 2015 from Rev Roy Watson. Roy is a Minister in the Gwent Hills and Vale Methodist Circuit and has pastoral responsibility for seven churches:-


Aberbeeg Methodist Church
Abertillery Methodist Church
Beaufort Hill Methodist Church
Blaenau Gwent Methodist Church
Blaina Methodist Church
Cwmcelyn Methodist Church
Nantyglo Methodist Church


To view Roy’s Easter Message please visit:-




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Thought For The Day

God does not just want us to believe in Him; He wants us to trust Him.

Yesterday evening, at Beaufort Hill Methodist Church, Rev Cathy Gale, the Superintendent of the Gwent Hills and Vale Methodist Circuit, gave a very powerful message in her sermon.

‘God does not just want us to believe in Him but He also wants us to TRUST Him.’

Do you Trust God? Or do you simply believe in Him as illustrated by the fact that you attend your Church every week?

Reflect upon these words for a moment.

In my recent life I have benefited greatly through my total TRUST in our Father God. He has never let me down. For as He says in the Bible ‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you’.

Remember that God will always love you, whatever you do. He may not like what you do sometimes, but He will always LOVE you.

And by trusting Him, you will always find that He will never let you down.

God Bless you all

With many joy-filled blessings





The Christmas Message Video – from the Rev Roy Watson

If you haven’t yet listened to the Rev Roy Watson’s inspirational Christmas message you may still do so by visiting: –


Roy is a Minister in the Gwent Hills and Vale Methodist Circuit.

With many joy-filled Christmas Blessings


The Christmas Message – video from Rev Roy Watson

I have just uploaded Rev Roy Watson’s Christmas Message video which I invite you to view by visiting:


Roy is a Methodist Minister in the Gwent Hills and Vale Methodist Circuit.

Happy Viewing

With many peaceful blessings


Nantyglo Wesley Methodist Church Christmas Magazine

I have just uploaded the Christmas Magazine for the Nantyglo Wesley Methodist Church.

Contributors to the Magazine include –

  • Rev Roy Watson, Minister of Nantyglo Methodist Church
  • Lord Leslie Griffiths of Burry Port
  • Gill Dascombe, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 2014/2015

I warmly invite you to download the Magazine by going to:-


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My Walk With God

In October 2012, I was a man who was lost within the world. I had knowledge of the world and was a Reiki Grandmaster and gave to the world and all my followers, what I thought everyone needed. I wrote various books on healing and other subjects, and was learned in many aspects and counted myself to be prosperous in life.

Then, illness struck me down in July 2012 and no matter where I turned and no matter who came to help me, there was, so it appeared, no cure, no help, no sleep, I was unable to eat, I had absolutely no relief and no hope, and no future.

The illness persisted, my health deteriorated to such a low point that walking became impossible and healing was slow, bringing no relief and no hope.

The situation became worse. I openly confess that I whined and complained of pain – and progress was very intermittent. My doctor, Antonia Bradbury, visited me in my home in January 2013 and thought that I would die that very night but she nevertheless prescribed medication and she also arranged for me to receive treatment by a team of district nurses on a daily basis.

Sitting in an armchair, trying to sleep or upright in a bed, legs scarred, water pouring out of my legs, I cried, in repentance, from the heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I surrendered my life to Christ.

I was lost, and in despair, but Jesus found me, is how I subsequently described my conversion. Jesus changed my mind set and I knew that I had to give my life totally, and unconditionally, to Christ.

I received the wondrous peace of God and a bounteous joy that saw me through each day.

In Christ, I became a new creation, the past was washed clean.

I knew about Jesus of Nazareth, but did not know Him, or have any relationship with Him.

In this time, whilst I was so seriously ill, prayer was my only hope, and salvation. My knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ increased and I began to feel/sense that hope and light was in sight.

God in His infinite mercy and grace, reached out to me, as I reached out to Jesus, and encouraged me not to allow Jesus pass me by.

I reached out to the Lord Jesus Christ, because at last I had found peace and a hope through and in Jesus.

Daily reading of the scriptures and prayer led me to totally depend on God. I stretched out my hands and touched the Lord as I became ever closer to Him.

I discovered that He is never too busy to hear my heart’s cry! He is passing by this very moment my needs to supply. Reach out and touch the Lord as He passes by. That is what I did…….

I reached out to God, placing all my trust in Him, and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

Absolute faith in Christ, coming to Jesus in repentance, brought forgiveness, I received complete salvation. I was set free from the bondage of sickness and near death.

Many things had happened in my life which had caused me tremendous trouble and distress. My life was falling apart.

On one very spectacular occasion – when I was feeling in despair and almost beginning to wonder whether I would ever recover and would I ever be able to walk again – I cried for help to my Lord, a pitiful plea from my heart, for my legs to be healed and all the rough skin to disappear.

The next day, when the District Nurse arrived and had removed the bandage from my legs, she was amazed; a miracle had indeed taken place!!!

All my leg wounds had become healed and the majority of the rough skin had miraculously disappeared.

In surrendering my life to Christ, I was saved from the throes of almost certain death. Slowly, but surely, trusting in God for my salvation, I began to take my first steps again. The joy of the Lord was my strength and courage.

The death of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary, gave me life, and hope, where there was none. He gave me healing and salvation.

His blood washed over this child of God (me) and I opened my heart, and surrendered my life completely into the hands of God.

My life changed dramatically since Jesus entered into my life. I was set free… Jesus became My Lord and Saviour. I began to attend the Bethel Methodist Church and became a full member in September 2013.

I am also indebted to my sister-in-law, Angelene Jacob, for sending me many Biblical books and for all her written and vocal support from her home in Durban.

Today, I am the webmaster of the Bethel Methodist Church website:-


And of The Christian Word Searches web site:-


(My wife, Marlene, creates all our Biblical Word Searches)

And I am also writing – and have written – books about Jesus, Prayer and the Bible, most of which may be found at:-


With many peaceful blessings