Joy of the Redeemed

‘Joy of the Redeemed’ (Isaiah 35:1-10) is the subject of today’s Biblical Word Search specially created by my wife, Marlene.

“Say to those with fearful hearts,
Be strong and do not fear,
for your God is coming to destroy your enemies.
He is coming to save you. (verse 4)

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With many peaceful blessings

Geoffrey Keyte


Praying to the Holy Spirit

Many people desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is a great need in all our lives. There is a great thirst in our hearts.

Isaiah 44: 3:-

For I will pour water on the thirsty land and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring and my blessings upon your descendants.

Loving Lord Jesus I am not worthy to address you by your Holy name or to come into your Holy presence and receive good things from you.

I come to you in Jesus Name, responding to your invitation. I believe your promises.

Come to me all you who labour and heavy laden and I will give thee rest.

Today I desire of you Lord Jesus the gift of your Holy Spirit. No one can see you, Jesus, without holiness.

It’s my desire to live a holy life and enter heaven one day to see you face to face. For this very purpose I need your Holy Spirit so that your Holy Spirit will keep me holy and blameless until that day.

Grant me your mighty Holy Spirit so that I will have the power to resist sin and the evil works of Satan. With your divine strength I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Without your power in me, I cannot live through even one single day.

Burn up my evil intentions and my desire to sin by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Heavenly Father, God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, your Holy Word says that my body is your temple and the palace of your Holy Spirit, your promise. You know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more, beloved heavenly Father, will you give to those who ask Him?

For in the Bible Jesus says: –

‘Ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you will find’
(Matthew 7:7)

Grant me your Holy Spirit, dear Father God, right now

In Jesus name



With many peaceful blessings


Judgement and Salvation – Isaiah 65 – new Biblical Word Search

Today’s Word Search to challenge your Biblical mind is based on Isaiah 65 (Judgement and Salvation).

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How God Confirms His Inner Voice To You:- Isaiah 30: 19-21

Today’s Biblical Word Search, created by my wife, Marlene, is taken from Isaiah 30: 19-21 – How God Confirms His Inner Voice To You.

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Happy Word Searching

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Isaiah 40 – Comfort for God’s People – new Biblical Word Search

Here is a new Biblical Word Search created by my wife, Marlene:-

The Word Search is based on Isaiah 40 – Comfort for God’s People



With many joy-filled blessings



Getting Over One’s Past

“…they shall obtain joy and gladness;
sorrow and sighing shall flee away.”
(Isaiah 51:11 )
All of us have chapters of our lives that we wish we could rewrite. Unresolved emotional pain wreaks havoc on our immune system,
cardiac function, hormone levels and other physical functions. Yet we must make peace with our past, because our life may literally
depend upon it.
To get over our past, we must start looking at it differently. Don’t just focus on what you lost, but on what you also gained. Second,
understand the difference between guilt and shame.

Guilt is feeling bad about what you’ve done – it’s healthy; shame is feeling bad about who you are – that is toxic and debilitating. All of us have things we’d like to change about ourselves, but when God created you, he loved you.
Third, stop punishing yourself with the ‘if only’s’. After sinning badly and having God pick him up, David wrote: ‘Happy is the person whose sins are forgiven…whom the Lord does not consider guilty.’ (Psalm 32).

Forgive yourself; God has, if you believe and trust in Jesus Christ.
Finally, move on from your pain. Let yourself begin to heal. There will be stages of anger, fear and sadness – that is part of the natural
process. But let them come – and go, and move on. You can’t walk backwards into the future: and the future that God has in mind
for you contains more happiness than any past you can remember.


With many peaceful blessings


Praying Every Day

The Bible tells us we should “pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Unfortunately, for many of us, a few minutes spent in prayer feels like forever.

Why do we struggle so much with prayer when we know how vital it is to our relationship with God?

We certainly don’t lack information about how to pray. Christian bookstores are packed with books that explain in great detail the various methods of prayer. But perhaps we need to also direct our attention to our motivation, our attitude, in prayer?

Of all the ingredients in discipleship, the area many of us struggle with most is prayer.

According to one recently published estimate, a typical Christian layman spends about three and a half minutes each day in prayer. Full-time Christian workers average about seven minutes per day.

This pitiful situation must amaze even the Lord Himself, for Isaiah 59:16 records that when no one was found to intercede for His people, God was appalled.

Why do we fail to take full advantage of the privilege of prayer? Is it a lack of discipline? Are we too busy? Are we unmotivated?

What things make it difficult for you to spend quality time in prayer?

Too busy or tired

Can’t concentrate

Don’t know what to pray about

Don’t feel like it

Feel guilty

Not convinced it makes a difference

Perhaps the basic cause of our weakness in prayer relates to how we view God?

We may have no genuine awe for the One “who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth” (Isaiah 51:13).

God often seems to many people more like a superhero from a child’s cartoon, whittled down to human size.

If we aren’t captivated by God, prayer is a tedious task. It becomes a discipline that only those with wills of steel can master.

My wife and I pray several times a day. Our morning prayer can easily encompass 15-20 minutes (sometimes more).

And from our experience our Father God seems to like our prayers because in many instances he has benevolently granted our petitions. And on several notable occasions He has provided us with miracles.

For God is often able to make the seemingly impossible become possible!

Sometimes, of course, He knows, in His infinite wisdom, that our prayer requests are not being made at the right time. We must remember that in the Lord’s Prayer we say ‘Thy will be done!’

And we have personally found that God is always right; even if, in our mortal vision, we cannot always understand why some of our requests have become delayed.

Do you pray every day? And if not, why not? Our Father God is always so very pleased to hear from you and will always do His very best to grant your prayer requests if it is in your best interests for Him so to do!


With many peaceful blessings