Mathama Gandhi and Jeremy Corbyn

I wonder how many people are aware that Jeremy Corbyn received The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award on November 26th, 2013.

I do not consider myself a party political person, as I am very much aware that all the major political parties have their strengths and weaknesses, but I would respectfully invite you read Jeremy Corbyn’s Acceptance Speech of the Gandhi Award which you can read by going to:-

The Trustees of The Gandhi Foundation agreed to offer him their International Peace Award in recognition of his consistent efforts over a 30 year Parliamentary career to uphold the Gandhian values of social justice and non‐violence.

Besides being a popular and hard‐working constituency MP he has made time to speak and write extensively in support of human rights at home and world‐wide.

His committed opposition to neocolonial wars and to nuclear weapons has repeatedly shown the lack of truth in the arguments of those who have opposed him.

I respectfully forward this information to you as I believe that it might prove of interest to you.

With many peaceful blessings


The Persecuted Church – Letter from Nick Smith, MP

I was very pleased to have received the following letter from Nick Smith, my local MP, in support of our campaign on behalf of the persecuted church. Nick’s letter reads as follows:-

Dear Geoffrey,

Thank you very much for writing to me about religious freedom and the persecution of Christians. I agree with you that this is a hugely important issue, which does not always get the profile it deserves. It is unacceptable for anyone to be deliberately targeted, attacked or persecuted because of their faith. Christianity is under threat in many countries across the world, and we must be willing to stand up against this plight.

I’m really proud that the Labour party have pledged to put the campaign against religious persecution at the heart of our foreign policy. Our Secretary of state for Foreign Affairs, Douglas Alexander, has argued that Christian persecution, just like anti-Semitism or Islamophobia, must be named as the evil that it is, and challenged systematically by people of all faiths and no faith. He has pledged that a Labour Government would appoint a Global Ambassador for religious freedom, as well as setting up a multi-faith council in the Foreign Office to lead the campaign against religious persecution. It is this level of commitment that we need to really make a difference.

I have to send my apologies, that I was unfortunately unable to attend the report launch and service of prayer, as I had conflicting parliamentary and constituency duties on those dates. I will strongly support a future Labour Government in their efforts to challenge this unacceptable violence and persecution, and the Labour party have pledged to work with all other parties to ensure this issue gets the strength of hearing it deserves.

Thank you again for writing to me,
Yours sincerely,


Nick Smith MP


Those of you who read and follow my daily blog on a regular basis will know that I very seldom become involved in politics but the Persecuted Church is different because this is definitely a subject on which Governments need to stand up and be counted.

And come May 7th, the day of the UK General Election, if Labour get to form the next Government I shall expect them to keep to their commitment as outlined in Nick’s letter.

With many peaceful blessings


Quo Vadis?

At the beginning of 2013 I was dying! No question about it – everyone thought that I had already booked a one way passage to God.

But God – in His infinite wisdom – had other ideas.

My lovely wife – whose love and devotion to me went far beyond the call of duty – taught me to pray.

Not just a short dutiful prayer either; but prayers that came deep from within my heart. I prayed many times a day – accepting God as my Father and Jesus as my Lord and Saviour – and asking that He restore me to full optimum health.

And although bed-bound for several weeks and almost unable to walk, slowly, gradually I found myself coming back into full consciousness.

My wife, bless her heart, was VERY hard on me. Even shouted at me when I was at my lowest ebb.

So between being ‘nagged’ by my loving wife and receiving God’s bountiful blessings and Divine healing I am now able to drive my car and even walk for a few yards.

My wife also encouraged me to read the Bible. And so I do – every day. And each day I feel that I am becoming closer and closer to God.

The Bible says that whatever we need (need, not want!) we should ask for it in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And it works, believe you me it works……………………

Having time to read books – and reflect – I am increasingly dismayed at the lack of compassion and understanding in our world today.

Take a few minutes to read – and re-read – the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Thou shalt not steal and
Thou shalt not murder

Are self-explanatory

As is Thou shalt not commit adultery, though many people pay scant regard to this commandment!

But none of the Commandments say that Thou shalt not park on a double-yellow line, nor is any mention made of exceeding the speed limit.

And where does it mention in the Ten Commandments that if one marries someone from another country (especially from outside Europe) that all kinds of petty and unnecessary obstacles often prevent the wife/husband from obtaining a spousal visa.

It certainly is not part of God’s Divine Plan for Humanity that people who fall in love should be separated simply because they live in different countries!

Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour Party, has been quoted as saying that no one should be persecuted or separated just because of the person they happen to fall in love with!

And what about loving your Neighbour? The Ten Commandments speaks of not coveting your neighbour’s wife and possessions.

How many of us truly love our neighbours? Not in the physical sense but globally? Everyone you meet, whether or not you speak the same language, is your brother or sister!

Sometimes, when the leaders of G8 and G20 get together it is more like little children squabbling. It’s all about power politics and any resultant benefits for the countries and people they represent is purely coincidental.

Quo Vadis? Where are we going? Indeed!!

God has many ideas and suggestions for our future welfare. But how many people – especially global leaders – are going to have the courage to listen to Him?

My advice – if anyone is brave enough to listen to me – is to read the Bible. And inwardly digest!

With many peaceful blessings