Jesus – No Ordinary Man!

  • In biology, he was born without
    normal conception.

    • In chemistry, he turned water to wine.

    • In physics, he disproved the law of
    gravity when he walked on water.

    • In economics, he fed 5,000 with two
    fishes and five loaves of bread.

    • In medicine, he cured the sick and
    the blind without administering a
    single dose of drugs.

    • In history, he is the beginning and the

    • In government, he is the Prince of

    • In religion, no one comes to the
    Father except through him.

    • Jesus is Lord. Of all things.



With many peaceful blessings



Today I met my Teacher, He said “Be still my dear,
Your thoughts are causing aching, Your suffering brings me here.”
I stopped and faced my Teacher, So I could hear the words he said, How did he know my turmoil?
Thoughts running through my head.

I saw the pain across his face, The sadness in his eyes,
It hurt to think my turmoil, Was affecting one so wise.
I placed my hand upon my heart, For there lay all my pain,
Was then he made me realise, Suffering was my choice again.

Why did I do this to myself?
And choose to hurt inside, Hadn’t I suffered long enough?
Why did I choose to hide?

I knew inside I had the strength, To rise above all pain,
I knew the choice to suffer now, Had been mine once again.
I knew the choice of happiness, Lay there within my soul,
I’d only got to choose it, And once again feel whole.

The Teacher smiled so broadly, As he wiped away my tears,
For he knew I’d found the answers, Hidden behind my fears.
He placed his hands upon my head, And with Love began to heal,
All my scars from suffering, The pain I’d chose to feel.

Joanne Finwall


With many peaceful blessings